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Jamaica: DeCarteret College Principal Calls for Internet Access for Students during Coronavirus Quarantine

Jamaica: DeCarteret College Principal Calls for Internet Access for Students during Coronavirus Quarantine

MANDEVILLE, Jamaica  -Mrs. Prim Lewis, first female Principal of the prestigious high school, DeCarteret College (DC), is sending a strong appeal to the relevant authorities to make internet free and accessible to all students, parents and teachers, during this period of home- schooling quarantine.

The Principal explained that the Coronavirus has placed especially the 5th and 6th formers in a vulnerable position, as they prepare to submit their IAs and SBAs in time, as well as prepare for their external examinations.

Mrs. Lewis made the appeal, on social media, after hearing first- hand the challenges which parents of her students are presently encountering.

Parents are unable to provide sufficient data and internet connectivity to consistently ensure that their children can access the lessons and other school related materials, which they are receiving from their teachers. In this technological era, Mrs. Lewis, who is known for her innovative approach to leading an educational institution and for facilitating teaching to different types of learners, took to social media, i.e. facebook, to ensure that her message is heard.

Needless, to say, her message has reached many, far and wide, globally.  A group of concerned citizens, including Access Jamaica and Alumni have decided to join with her on this call and has endorsed her appeal to the Ministry
of Health, the Prime Minister of Jamaica.

Telecommunication providers and any other interested stakeholders. These concerned citizens are calling on these persons in high office of service, to answer the call of this Principal and make internet free, nationwide, to students, teachers and parents, at this critical time.

We must ensure that none of our students are excluded, marginalized or left behind. We need to ensure that we take the village approach and use the “there is enough for everyone” mentality.

Our students need us, let us not fail them now. Dr. Marcia Brandon, DC Alumni and a member of the Access Jamaica group, expressed gratitude to Mrs. Lewis for her leadership in this matter and for stepping up and “being the voice at this time”.

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