Dancehall Deejay Horro General says, it’s “Time”

Dancehall Deejay Horro General says, it's "Time"

Horro General

by Howard Campbell

[SOUTH FLORIDA] – Horro General, a Jamaican deejay, is calling on his colleagues to step up in the fight against crime and violence in their country. He does so on “Time“, a song produced by Syn City Entertainment, which is based in South Florida.

Given the influence they have over Jamaica’s youth, Horro General believes dancehall artists should be more responsible in their behavior and music.

“The music can clean up itself, it jus’ need balance and more structure. With less negativity and more positivity we can work together to get our nation to unite.  Focus and stop trying to segregate and be harmful to each other,” he said.

Jamaican police report that over 400 homicides have been committed in the country since the start of 2021. Prior to the Coronavirus, the government instituted a series of State Of Emergencies (SOEs) in areas designated hot spots.

Horro General is from Portmore, a vast housing scheme that has experienced its share of crime. His appeal to the dancehall fraternity comes at a time when some of the genre’s big names have been imprisoned for gun-related crimes.

They include Tommy Lee Sparta and Laden, who were sentenced to five and four-year prison terms in March and December, respectively.

According to Horro General, “It only shows a very bad impression on dancehall artists.”

Time sums up his commitment to help fight crime and improving his country’s image. “We want to uplift the females and the youths of tomorrow. Plus, show them that positivity is the way of life,” he said.



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