d’ Vybz Band launched

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – After months of waiting, the people of St. Kitts & Nevis and indeed music lovers throughout the world, have now gotten the official word, a new musical force has been created by three former members of the NU Vybes Band.

This confirmation came on Tuesday November 28, at an impressive and crowded Media Launch of the new soca group, which is called d’ Vybz Band. The creation of this dynamic group has brought together a blend of experience, talent, youth and versatility that will no doubt send shock waves throughout the Caribbean, North America and Europe.

According to the group’s management, d’ Vybz Band grew out of the vision of Steve “Steba” Dublin, (Keyboards), Carl “Ozzy” Osborne, (Guitar), and Chad “Sucky” Benjamin, (Bass).

For years they were the heart and soul and the core of their former band. Now they have joined forces with the 2003 St. Kitts & Nevis Soca Monarch, Jacinth “Shakki” Smithen and Lynshel “Shakkal” Peets, (as Lead Vocalists); along with the energetic and youthful drummer, Emris “Jay” Forbes.

According to Band Leader, Steve Dublin, their vision for the future embraces an approach that seeks to marry great music with equally or exceedingly a greater management team, which is headed by Communications and Marketing Specialist, Mr. Val Henry. Henry himself once served as the Marketing and Booking Agent of the Nu Vybes.

Other members of the management are Financial Director, Shanwa Broadbelt, (also a former Nu Vybes drummer and vocalist), Osdel “Scotty” Hanley, Road Manager, Wallis Wilkin, Marketing and Promotions Director, David Blake, Engineer and Ms. Karen Hazell Administrative Assistant and President of the d’ Vybz Fan Club in addition to Damion Hobson, Consultant.

To date, over ten leading companies have come forward to provide corporate support for the group. These include Sun Island Clothes, Hobson Enterprise, Westside Service Center, Brown Sugar, Mystique Photo Studio, Ebizz Business Solutions developers of the popular Sknvibes website as well as the bands website at www.dvybz.com, Carib Crafts & Graphics, Don Farrell, Lester Lourd, Wycliffe Morton,Club Kactus and the St. Kitts Marriott Beach Resort.

Band Manager, Mr. Val Henry says that they are also currently in discussions with other companies who are keen on extending their corporate support.

At Tuesday’s launch of d’ Vybz Band, words of encouragement and support came from top local officials, including the Federation’s Minister of Tourism, Sports & Culture, Hon. Richard Skerritt, in addition to the Executive Director of the National Carnival

Committee, Mr. Allister Williams. The audience of well wishers was made up of fans, radio disc jockeys, promoters, potential sponsors, carnival band owners and a wide cross section of the national media.

If anyone is to judge from the impressive launch of this group, there is no doubt that they will indeed achieve tremendous international success and acclaim in a very short space of time.

Already the effects are being felt by the release of one of their songs for this year’s carnival. According to management, the entire album of eight songs will be released next week on local radio stations. The CD is titled, “No Turning Back”.

As another demonstration of the band’s organization and readiness, the opportunity was also used to release their Carnival Program of Activities, starting from Saturday 2nd December at Club Kactus, when they stage what is being called a “Rag & Flag Mass”. The calendar of events will run until the first week in January.

The members and management wishes to extend its appreciation to the many fans and supporters and corporate partners who made a reality out of a dream of excellence.

Thank you! We look forward to making our contribution to National Carnival in December and to work with the many promoters overseas, to help spread the new sound of soca music.

For this carnival and on j’ouvert, make no mistake, everyone will Feel…….. d’ Vybz

d’Vybz Band

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