Craft the Perfect Group Road Trip from Miami to Key West

Craft the Perfect Group Road Trip from Miami to Key West

We love Miami, but we also know that getting out of the city for a road trip with friends can often be a refreshing, therapeutic escape from the daily grind as long as the road trip planning doesn’t take away from the fun! If you’re planning a road trip to Key West but you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’ve got you covered.

Check out a few of our planning tips below, plus a few reasons why we think a charter bus from Miami is the best way to experience the trip:

Step One: Figure out who’s driving

You could split your group into separate cars and rotate drivers throughout your trip, but let’s be real: everyone dreads their driving shift, and focusing on the road takes away from the gorgeous views of the water.

If you want to keep your group together and leave the driving to a professional while you kick back and enjoy the ride, let National Charter Bus book a modern charter bus just for your group! We’ll match you with an experienced driver and take care of all of the navigation along the way.

Step Two: Decide how many stops you’d like to make

Maybe you want to cruise over the route’s 42 bridges with minimal stops (which, if you’re coming from Miami, can be done in just about four hours). Maybe you want to sleep through the over-the-water driving because you’re too excited to hit the beach. Or maybe you want to spend an entire week exploring each of the Keys.

Whatever your preference may be, National Charter Bus can accommodate you. When you book with us, your itinerary is in your hands, and you get to travel on your own schedule. Want to stop by Key Largo to snorkel in crystal-clear waters, then head to Islamorada for a drink? We’ve got you.

Craft the Perfect Group Road Trip from Miami to Key West

Step Three: Choose a vehicle

Like we said above, you can travel in your own car or in a caravan of cars, but that means drawing straws to determine who has to drive and putting a lot of mileage on your car. If you’re traveling with a big group, don’t want to do any driving, and still want to form your own itinerary for your trip, we definitely recommend booking a private bus through National Charter Bus. And we don’t just mean for large groups of 50 or more! We charter minibuses with as few as 18 seats as well as 20-passenger or 25-passenger minibuses, and if you’re planning an extra-large bash in Miami or in the Keys, we can craft a custom fleet that’s tailored to your needs.

National Charter Bus has all of your South Florida road trips covered, whether you’re staying in the Miami area or exploring the Keys.

Call us today at 1-844-755-0510 to learn more about the buses we charter and to receive a free, no-obligation quote!



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