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COVID-19 outbreak may actually make online gambling legal in Florida

COVID-19 outbreak may actually make online gambling legal in Florida

Florida has been pushing for the legalization of online gambling in the state for quite some time now, but before that, the chances of this conversation actually happening were quite low. But now, amidst the Coronavirus update, Florida’s gambling community now has a bigger chance to actually make these changes

The Seminole Tribe Legislators are now pushing to forge the sports betting agreement because for once the online casinos could actually save the industry from a catastrophic downfall amidst the outbreak.

Why the outbreak will impact the gambling industry?

As the virus becomes more widespread, many countries are completely prohibiting any large gatherings so very soon casinos will find themselves empty, possibly for the weeks to come. This is a great opportunity for online casinos, bitcoin casinos and sport betting venues to keep the industry going. Gambling brings in a lot of revenue and its complete shutdown could take a real hit in the economy. The Floridan legislators have been pushing for this move for quite some time now, but the urgency has never been so evident and the legislation might have bigger support since the need for these services is now higher than ever before.

The latest attempt to make the online betting legal came right as the 60-day legislative session ended on March 13th. This initiative could bring around $500 million in the first year and after that $700 million annually. Considering that World’s economy is currently struggling across sectors it needs all the help it can get and this legislation could lend a helping hand to Florida.

Some states have already adopted this approach where legal sports betting, and have already taken advantage of the revenue and are using these resources to close the financial gaps in other industries.

Potential Revenue

As the outbreak gets worse, Florida could face a lot more financial hurdles, and agreeing upon this proposal, offering various types of wagering across Florida could neutralize the situation

Seminoles, who are siding with this project own Hard Rock International hotel and casino chain, and they are willing to pay the first $500 million, later expanding their revenues even more by offering mobile sports betting and the license to operate an online casino services.

Legalizing online sports betting would allow any person within the state of Florida to bet online from any device and could finally bring the change in the legislation that has been long overdue.

If online casinos are to be allowed in Florida, the state won’t have to deal with the hard consequences of the outbreak as the industry will continue to flourish as people access online betting venues from their homes. Florida could also serve as an example to others about how they could deal with the dilemma of online gambling and utilize the revenue for the common good.

This legislation is a big deal and would allow pari-mutuel tracks to offer their designated player card games to their customers. These negotiations won’t happen overnight and there is still a lot left to be desired when it comes to collaboration between the two sides. The majority of the population will eventually have to chime in and offer their view on this approach, but in order to get there, there needs to be a willingness from both sides to make the changes as good and as harmless as possible while creating new and fresh opportunities for the workers, users and the legislative bodies.

The tribe hasn’t been paying their yearly payment since May 2019, as the sign of protest because of the lack of collaboration with Florida legislators. But it seems like amidst the outbreak the need for these changes is actually evident to everyone involved and we could actually witness these changes in real-time.

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