Couples Resort presents Jamaica’s Olympic History & Champions

MIAMI – Couples Resorts is proud to celebrate the athletic legacy that has broken records and taken awards in the Olympic Games through the past 64 years.

Currently Jamaica holds 67 medals in total, which is more than one per year for the past 64 years of competition! Also, during this past London 2012 Summer Olympics, Jamaica has gained the status of No. 2 most medals per capita for any competing county. They were only surpassed by Grenada, who won their first ever-gold medal.

Couples is proud to acknowledge the great achievements of the individual and team athletes. Couples has developed an infographic to share through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other sites to honor the athletic achievements.

Jamaica’s athletes compete in a variety of sports including track & field, Bobsledding, cycling, cricket, equestrian, swimming, and boxing. And just like Jamaica cultivates a variety of excellent athletes, its environment allows for an assortment of exciting activities.

Whether you are in the mood for a thrill or rejuvenation, Couples Resorts has just the right activity for you, from complimentary excursions, to athletic activities like tennis, scuba, golf, and fitness classes, empowering you to get in touch with your inner Olympian.

Come and enjoy the spirit of Jamaica with a place and people who truly embody this spirit.

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