Community Blog: Lets All Give Rihanna A Break!!!!!

By: Pat White

MIAMI – Yes we were all shocked that Rihanna went back to Chris Brown so quickly after their incident which led to Rihanna’s hospital visit. Many were shocked that she went back to him at all and everyone seems to be chanting, “Leave him, leave him.” We know that that is easier said than done. Who are we to be judging her and to be giving unsolicited advice?

One thing I’ve learned to do is never tell a friend that they should leave their guy or spouse. I would give advice like, “one person cannot be in a marriage or it takes two to tango,” but as we all know no matter what advice they receive the person going through stuff will have to make that decision for themselves. Affairs of the heart are not simple to explain.


Many of us that are chanting “Leave him” might be in abusing relationships of our own. It might not be physical abuse, but emotional abuse that we stay and take. Some of us are in loveless relationships and are just too afraid to leave. We need to back off and give Rihanna her space and let her figure out stuff for herself. I do believe that one day she will look at those pictures (that were taken at the time of the incident) and come to the realization that she does not need to be with that person. She has to get to that place herself before she can ever leave him. In the meantime lets remember she is a victim and give her some support and empathy.

By the way, I play and enjoy her music all the time.

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