Community Blog: It’s All in the Packaging and the Delivery

By: Pat White

MIAMI – It doesn’t matter if the content of the package has substance, if its dressed up prettily and you have the means to deliver the package, people will gladly receive it. This is the way of the Republicans – not much substance, but the packaging is very fancy and they know how to deliver. When people receive the package, however, they realize they have been duped. This is of course what happened with Bush – both terms. He disguised his package with faith-based terms, and the people gobbled it up. This year, McCain is dressing up his package with his claim on National Security and service in the army. They pack a punch in their delivery as well by diminishing their opponent’s abilities.

Obama might have substance. He might have a package of gold, but will he be able to deliver to the people? Will he be able to cut down anyone in his way? You see, he has some obstacles in his way to the white house. One of them calls themselves a pit-bull. He has two choices. Throw a bone to divert the pit-bull or attack him head on. If he can’t handle the pit-bull, he needs to find someone bigger and badder to get him.

It’s not just about speeches. Obama and his team need to throw something out there that will preoccupy the Republicans and put them on the defensive – kind of throw them off course. Either that, or attack them with the issues and attack by discrediting them any way he can.

That’s my advice. What’s yours? Chime in.

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