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By: Pat White

MIAMI – Do you realize how powerful that attribute is? Some would go as far as to say it can make the difference between life and death. Anyone can sit down and talk to their friends. Some are even good at manipulating their friends. If, on the other hand you can sit down with your enemy and get what you want from your enemy – that demands a whole other level of respect. The person that can talk his confronter into putting down his gun or his arms, is the person that is skilled in diplomacy.

Someone once described diplomacy as someone saying here, here, good dog, while looking around for the biggest stone to help defend yourself against its attacks. I would not put it that harshly though. I would say it is using charisma, charm and smarts in order to manipulate another into doing something to your benefit.

In a panel discussion with five of the former Secretaries of State, all five agreed that they would sit down and have talks with leaders of countries like Iran, North Korea and Venezuela – and, why not. If you are the World Leader, you should be able to engage in diplomatic discussions with other countries, especially if you are trying to convert them to your political ideologies, or at least have them come to some agreement that will have a positive global effect.

Diplomacy involves the art of negotiations. It could be the difference between life and death if it can be used instead of resorting to wars. Remarks from certain leaders and others who are campaigning to be leaders, that they will not sit down and engage in discussions with countries like Iran for whatever reasons, seems so filled with empty arrogance. It is statements like these that have helped to fuel a negative image of America held by some in the international arena.

Divorced parents, as much as they resent each other, have to sit down in discussions for the common good – their child or children. Lawyers representing opposing sides, can come together and reach a suitable settlement or they can have a drag-out trial to the expense of their clients. Sitting down with your opponent does not mean you are buddies with them, however it is a means to an end – reaching your objective – agenda. So, it is the bigger, smarter guy that will engage in discussions with his rival. The arrogant, closed-minded person will not.

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