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Commissioner Monestime champions Workforce Housing Development

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Commissioner Jean Monestine

[MIAMI-DADE]  On Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022, the Board of County Commissioners approved an ordinance sponsored by Commissioner Jean Monestime, who serves as Chairman of the Miami-Dade Public Housing and Community Services Committee, expanding opportunity for the development of workforce housing. This ordinance, along with a recently approved ordinance revising parking requirements for workforce housing, is part of a larger push by Commissioner Monestime to increase the availability of much-needed affordable housing.

Ordinance Changes

Prior to the passage of this item, the Miami-Dade County Code allowed for the deferral of road impact fee payments.  In order to facilitate the development of workforce housing units.  However, it only provided for deferral for workforce housing units developed in accordance with the County’s Zoning Code. This ordinance allows for impact fees to be deferred for up to five years, rather than the previous maximum of two years. Commissioner Monestime anticipates that this will further incentivize the development of affordable housing .  Therefore reducing the upfront costs that must be paid before units can be built.  Without significantly impacting the amount of money available for such facilities.  Neither the timing of, the capital facilities that will be necessary to serve the new developments.

Commissioner Monestime stated “We are facing the least affordable housing market in the nation. In bringing this item, we hope to further address this housing affordability crises.”


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