Commissioner Dale Holness Organizes Help for Haiti Relief Efforts

Commissioner Dale Holness Organizes Help for Haiti Relief Efforts

Commissioner Dale V.C. Holness

Haiti Relief Drive Begins In Broward County

[BROWARD COUNTY] On August 14, 2021, Haiti was struck by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Over 1,300 deaths have been reported. As people in Haiti struggle to recover from the devastating earthquake, Broward Commissioner Dale V.C. Holness is leading a Haiti Disaster Relief Drive.

The relief effort is held in collaboration with Marleine Bastein of the Family Action Network Movement, Cosy Joseph of Glascko Clerge Foundation, Jeff Lozama of Man Dodo Foundation, Vilgunis Louissaint of Accordia Shipping, and Lori Baer of the Port Everglades Association.

Commissioner Holness is encouraging people to give donations such as medical supplies, gloves, gauze, band-aids, masks, tents, over-the-counter medications, generators, construction material, and items that will immediately help those in need.

Donation Drop Off

On Wednesday, August 18 at 11:40 AM, Commissioner Holness will be joined by Haitian and local community leaders at Accordia Shipping, 2001 Eller Drive, in Fort Lauderdale.

Commissioner Holness will encourage the community at large to assist in this relief effort. Accordia Shipping is accepting donated materials and shipping items directly to the port of Miragoane, Haiti. Accordia is accepting donations until Noon on Thursday, August 19.

Financial Contributions

Commissioner Holness is also encouraging financial contributions to the following organizations who are already working on the ground working to help victims in Haiti.

“These organizations are doing whatever they can to ensure that people in Haiti receive donated goods. Plus helping with medical supplies and housing materials. There is so much need there. I am asking everyone who can help to bring donated goods.  Or, help financially at this time,” said Commissioner Holness. “Many people in Broward County are from Haiti and have family and friends there. This impacts us all.”


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