Commentary with Winston Barnes: Revisionism

[DAVIE] – An editorial in the Miami Herald Tuesday (Dec. 9) points to an inclination on the part of out going administration’s to pretty up the picture of their tenure. The newspaper says in that way, the out going bush administration is not unusual, but says the paper, this administration is trying to stretch too many truths.

The paper goes on to list a number of decisions made by the Bush White House that have led to horrible consequences. These are known facts that can not in any way be denied. History is recorded and simply can not be changed. Or so we think.

In one interview, the out going Secretary of State heaps praise on the U.S. for going beyond the past and electing an African American President. This same Condoleezza Rice, takes much umbrage however when asked about some of the failures of the bush administration and resorts to diplomatic doublespeak that simply fools no one at this late stage.

I submit that this is a most sad way to close out what has clearly been a misguided or maybe worse, an administration guided by malice. No one expects the faithful Ms. Rice to turn her back on her friends in the Bush family, but at least she could stop rationalizing what are clear untruths at this the eleventh hour.

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