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Commentary with Winston Barnes: Power?

Commentary with Winston Barnes - Political Power

[SOUTH FLORIDA] – As I indicated after last week’s elections, I am assuming a different posture on commenting on certain issues I would not have in the past. It is necessary in part because there is still too much misunderstanding.  For example, about the so-called “Power” that commissioners have. Bottom line is they have none.

Most matters need a majority vote to become the rule or a law. No one individual can make any grand change. Influence it is all they can do.

So, when a caller demands that I call the county and demand something be done about North Perry Airport and the numerous crashes of recent vintage, that stance is delusional. As I told the caller, county would be polite and make it seem they were being very cooperative. When they hang up the phone, they would say something like, “how presumptuous”?

An example, years ago when we moved to the new Miramar City Hall, there was a desperate need for new traffic signals adjacent to the new complex. So, we made representations to the county. Want to know what the response was? Basically. County said, yeah, we know, we’ll get around to it. And it took a bit of time to install the lights.

Another example, they dig up your road, and it appears they are taking for ever to complete the repairs? It makes no sense until the roadway has settled or cured. Otherwise, you would end up with a small sink hole because the ground had not yet settled.

I am demanding that people in our community be realistic about their expectations. And not be fooled by bellicose politicians who make promises they cannot keep.


Commentary with Winston Barnes
Winston Barnes Host – “Open Line” WAVS 1170AM
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