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Commentary With Winston Barnes: Evil Among Us

DAVIE – That evil continues to be among us is hardly in doubt when one considers an apology that is to be made by the British government in a matter of a week. The Prime Minister of England is to ask pardon of the parents of children who were taken from their poor parents, and sent to live in places like Australia, under the pretext that their parents were dead.

To claim this is a kind of slavery is not to stretch the truth and yet it only adds to the way in which aborigines were treated in Australia where children were taken from their parents in a special experiment or strategy if you prefer, to assimilate the children into white Australian society.

Painful as it is, it is of importance that these truths are made known, even as late as the present is.

Yet, it would be foolhardy of us, to, for a second, believe that this evil is far removed from us. Information continues to come to us about how the places that are supposed to be a place of refuge, churches continue to abuse people in need of both material and spiritual help.

If you do not bless the church, whatever that means, you are not allowed to participate on a program! If you do not contribute to some trumped up fund, you are considered less than deserving. Evil resides, it seems, even in churches and among supposed church leaders.

Winston Barnes
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