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Broward Superintendent of Schools and the Mayor of Davie to speak at ConFAB

Dr. Robert Runcie

[SOUTH FLORIDA] – So, the Superintendent of Schools for Broward County has offered to resign. It is most instructive though, that we understand a statement he made to a resident of the City of Parkland who wanted him long gone. She obviously blames Dr. Robert Runcie for the death of her student child during the massacre at the high school one Valentine’s Day years ago.

The thoughtful and some say classy, Dr. Runcie told the parent who has been his nemesis since that day years ago, that he was offering to resign in part with the hope that she would find the peace she is looking for. One newspaper columnist’s response was “what class”.

Class because the esteemed educator has not been bowed by the rancid and repugnant racism that has forced him to resign. Instead, he has shown what Jamaicans call “broughtupcy” in circumstances many of us would simply not survive with our sanity intact.

And there is some intentional or un-intentional sarcasm and irony in Dr. Runcie’s statement. Fact is that this woman will not find anything resembling peace a million years after Dr. Runcie has long moved on to his continuing incredible career. Other than scoring a victory for racist attitudes and behavior patterns, the removal of Dr. Runcie would have solved no problem this woman and her family has had. That elusive entity called closure will never come her way now or ever.

What will happen is that this parent will be more miserable, unable to find solace because she sought to scapegoat Dr. Runcie. And, anything resembling a victory will be found to be hollow and without any meaning.

Dr. Runcie will still be one of the best educators this country has ever seen.


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