Commentary With Winston Barnes: Dog Heart – Jamaicans Love For Money

SOUTH FLORIDAAs I noted in a commentary weeks ago, it appears that for the vast majority of Jamaicans, money is the only currency they understand. The lottery scam has long been an indicator that money rules and runs everything, the only thing is how does one get it.

It would appear that killing one’s family member is not out of consideration when the acquisition of money becomes the priority. Police have been reporting that the contract killing of family members by other family members has become relatively commonplace. And the involvement of police in these killings appears to also be a new development.

Years ago, there was talk about people having a “dog heart” or of behaving like “almshouse”, indicating depraved behavior of no mean order.

Some resent talk about whether Jamaica has become a failed state or not, but that might very well be nothing but a battle over semantics.

Whatever one calls it, when a people, a nation, continues to find ways to destroy itself from the inside; gang killings, lottery scam related killings and now murder for hire of one’s own family member, has to be even worse than a failed state.

Jamaica is fast becoming a state that which is either barbaric or is developing a common, a national form of suicide.

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