Commentary with Winston Barnes: Celebration of International Reggae Day

International Reggae DaySOUTH FLORIDA – July 1st was observed and celebrated as International Reggae Day, but we need to continue an examination of this music and how it has been practiced for the last half a century.

And, we’re not talking about the creative side as that is a given.

In addition, talk about reggae being dead will get no countenance from me. Please listen to the telling of the Rastaman, reggae music is too powerful to die.

But, since its birth decades ago, the business side of Jamaican popular music has been given short shrift.

Take the area of artist management; still in too many cases a band’s manager, a singer’s manager is someone they knew from back in the day, or a not distant family member. In many cases just someone interested in getting his or her charge as many gigs so that manager’s percentage can be collected.

What does the manager know about the performer’s health?

Did he or she ensure the singer, the band has adequate insurance for health and to protect family members in case of calamity? If this performer is diabetic, a condition so many are prone to, does the manager have a list of doctors along the tour stops?

In other word, being a performer’s manager is more than a name or a title.

It is a responsibility for someone’s career and maybe that person’s livelihood and maybe their very life.

By the way, a manger will be effective only if the person or persons will allow him or her to do their job.


Commentary with Winston Barnes: Celebration of International Reggae Day
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