Commentary: Guns In Our Society

Guns in our society are creating real havoc and the debate in the US as to the right to bear arms and gun control is a real farce.

Our world is filled with a few rotten apples who are evil minded and evil spirited. These rotten apples can be red, green, star apple and Ethiopian apple etc.

These rotten apples in our world cannot be classified by race, color, profession, political affiliation or religious belief when they are just plain evil minded.

Then this rotten apple gets a gun and commits heinous evil act(s).

The apples that are not rotten then begin to rationalize or try to figure out why the rotten apple committed such an evil act. Some decide, I too am going to get a gun to protect myself from these rotten apples. Image the chaos.  Good apples do not think and rationalize like a rotten apple.

For some reason one thinks that once they have a gun they now have some super power and authority. Really? Too much tv/movies are giving one a delusion. Good apples don’t think, rationalize and function like a rotten apple.

In real life, good apples who get a gun spend how much time at a gun range practicing? The targets usually don’t move and are not shooting back at you so the simulation doesn’t work.

In recent mass shootings the rotten apples (shooter(s) have enough guns and ammunition to fight in a war. The average good apple has 6 rounds (old school) or 15 rounds (new school). Who will win?

The rotten apple usually catches you off guard, there is no script to let you know they are coming, so how prepared will the good apple be? You don’t think like the rotten apple with a gun.

Things happen rather quickly in shootings and if you are a good apple and heard gun shots are you willing to run to where you are hearing shots being fired if you have a gun to “handle the situation?

Oh, let’s equip good apple teachers and pilots with guns. We have police officers who are trained to use a gun to protect and we see recently how that is working out.  Would love to see how they did in Police Academy Training (That was just a movie?)

gunsHow guns are doing in our society?

George Zimmerman a self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman with a gun, shoots and kills an unarmed youth.  Corey Jones decides to get a gun to protect himself and Officer Nouman Raja takes his life, Corey had no time to react and get his gun. Laquan McDonald shot by Officer Jason VanDyke, Shootings in Paris, Shootings in San Bernardino, Money and drug dispute shootings, gangs and the list goes on and on.

We can see what impact having a gun or guns in our society is causing. We have to prevent the rotten apples from spoiling the good apples and get them out of the bushel.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the good and bad apples out there as we can see the turmoil and pain of the families who have been impacted by guns in our society.

Let your government and those in political power know how you feel about guns in your society.

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