Choosing a Contractor for Cannabis Site Promotion

If you’ve ever thought about using your site to get customers for your cannabis business from the Internet, you probably already have the understanding that things are not so simple here. It is necessary not only to undertake its high-quality optimization to organize following the current requirements of search engines but also to constantly work to increase traffic and attract customers through all possible channels.

It is clear that without the appropriate knowledge and experience it is almost impossible to achieve good results. Even if you just experiment, there is a very high probability that the budget will be wasted. The task of finding contractors, like an Mj SEO Agency that knows how to attract new customers to marijuana or cannabis companies and would take responsibility for SEO promotion.

The advantage of working with an agency is that you are dealing with a team of professionals who have been working in this field for many years and take into account all the changes in Internet marketing technologies that do not stand still. They can provide you with expertise in many areas, without the need to hire a full-time specialist.

When it comes to choosing an SEO company or internet marketing agency for search engine optimization for cannabis BIZ, there are numerous options to choose from. There can be a lot of offers and before concluding a long-term agreement, you need to make sure that the choice is really the right one. We have compiled some recommendations for you to make a decision correctly.

Choosing a Contractor for Cannabis Site Promotion
10 Selection Criteria to Start from

It is likely that at the stage of selecting commercial offers or agencies that you consider for signing a contract, you will have several dozen options. This is normal and you should not be afraid. Your task is to reduce the list of candidates to 3-5, among which the final choice will be made. And our further tips will help you with this.

1.    Proof of expertise in this area

Many agencies declare their professionalism in all possible areas. Of course, this is often not true. Subscribe to their email newsletter, see if there is a blog on the corporate website. And also check how well the topics are covered, is there a detailed or superficial presentation of the material, whether the content is created by the staff of the agency or it’s just a rewrite of other people’s publications.

2.    Portfolio and cases

Any truly professional Internet marketing agency should have a section with examples of work done or achievements gained from other projects. For example, there can be a section “Cases”, which shows the results of working with online stores and other customers.

3.    Geographical location

When choosing between professionals who work in the market of your country and contractors who are focused on the global market, it is always better to choose in favor of the former ones. Most likely, they understand the specifics of online business in a particular region much better.

4.    Package of services

Some companies specialize in only one specific area, such as SEO, SMM, or contextual advertising. In the current level of competition in almost all niches, for the effective use of the Internet as a source of attracting customers, the use of only one tool of Internet marketing is usually not enough.

5.    Good strategy plays an important role

The approaches to work differ by various contractors and each of the projects requires its own strategy, taking into account the capabilities and goals of the customer. A good SEO company can give you a plan of how they are going to achieve the desired results and justify why this strategy is correct. Thus, at the beginning of the work, you will understand what to expect in the future and how the work processes will go.

6.    Regular reporting

The availability of project reports allows you to compare the results obtained after the implementation of certain actions with indicators in previous periods. After starting the work, you should receive monthly reports, with important information such as changes in traffic, achievement of goals, or a number of transactions, as well as a list of work performed during this period.

7.    Will the work on the site be comprehensive?

A good contractor will work on all aspects of your site that affect its search engine visibility, traffic, and user experience. This includes analyzing the appearance of the resource and conversion rates, auditing and correcting errors, improving landing pages, improving navigation, content, and increasing the number of external links.

Choosing a Contractor for Cannabis Site Promotion
8.    Competitors analysis

Competitive analysis online is just as important as in offline business. This allows you not only to find the sites of competitors who work successfully but also to understand why they succeed. This analysis allows the specialist to expand the semantic core to optimize and promote the project, as well as identify ways to improve traffic and conversion through the implementation of certain changes.

9.    Big does not mean the best

You may think that the largest agencies that rank first in all sorts of rankings are the best. But this is not so. Usually, in the staff of such companies, some really experienced experts represent the agency in the market, but all the burden of customer projects falls on the shoulders of dozens of novice professionals. Thus, the customer simply overpays for the brand several times. If you do not want to be one of these customers, keep this in mind when choosing the agency.

10.       Don’t look for the cheapest options

When it comes to SEO, it is usually fair to say that you get as much as you pay. Low price tags are usually for those companies that have problems with customers or are not professionals in the sphere. And also for those who are a company only on paper and all the work is outsourced to remote freelancers, many of whom are often not particularly concerned about quality.


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