Chiropractor, Dr Fidel Goldson Jr Develops New Pain Cream

Chiropractor, Dr Fidel Goldson Jr Develops New Pain Cream
Dr. Fidel Goldson Jr.

Fort Lauderdale – Prominent South Florida chiropractor Dr Fidel Goldson Jr, has developed a powerful new solution for pain sufferers as chronic pain symptoms cost Americans around $600 billion every year.

Dr Goldson’s Spine, Joint, Muscle Pain Cream (Goldson Pain Cream) was developed by the second generation physician. It was developed based on his own experience treating thousands of patients over more than 16 years.

The all natural, hypo-allergenic formula penetrates deep into muscles and joints to soothe pain away. Best of all, it’s now available for sale on Amazon.

Detailed information is available on the company’s website, Goldson Pain Cream.

Goldson Pain Cream, available in 4oz and 8oz sizes. The cream contains camphor to numb pain, menthol to cool and warm the application site. Plus,  wintergreen oil – a deep heating pain reliever that may help to increase blood circulation.

Chiropractor Dr Fidel Goldson Pain CreamThey’ve also created a spray version called Dr Goldson’s Cold & Hot Spray that even works upside down to get to hard to reach places like the upper and mid-back.

The pain relief formula promises up to eight hours of relief for people with a broad range of issues.

People with back and knee problems in service industries like healthcare and retail, athletes with muscular pains, older folks with arthritis problems, and even those with neck and shoulder problems from desk work, can find respite in the benefits of Dr Goldson’s products.

The cream and spray are truly meant to work on almost any type of muscular, joint or spinal aches and pains.


In a heartfelt testimonial, real life bursitis sufferer and pain cream user Denise Mathis shares, her experience. She says, “When I tell you, a pain that stops you in your tracks, where you can’t do anything but just try to breathe, that’s a serious pain. And to be relieved from that, it really helps.”

Dr Goldson himself encourages pain sufferers to try the cream because “patients in pain don’t necessarily have to live in pain.”

Dr Goldson’s Pain Cream and Spray have been sold through the family’s four South Florida chiropractic offices for several months. In addition, it is now available through the international retail site Amazon.

The products are being promoted with a hilariously memorable comedic video sketch. Watch the video clip below.

Dr. Goldson Pain Cream

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