Celebrate National Culture and Heritage of Guyana with Guyanese Swag

Celebrate National Culture and Heritage of Guyana with Guyanese SwagGuyanese Swag Launch vibrant lifestyle collection to celebrate national culture and heritage of Guyana

[FLORIDA] – Guyanese Swag is thrilled to announce the launch of its lifestyle fashion brand for  men, women, and children at The new brand seeks to help  Guyanese raise awareness and promote pride in their country and culture.

The collection includes a vast array of vibrant clothing, shoes, and accessories which  showcase the Guyana flag, map, coat of arms, and motto. Creative tribal-inspired  designs in the country’s colors bring the collection to life, shining a light on the  Guyanese’s pride in their culture.

Brand Launch

The brand is the brainchild of Guyana-born Lakeshia Singh-McKay, a graphic and website designer now based in Florida. After migrating to the U.S., aged 10, she experienced bullying due to her foreign accent. Much to her disappointment, as she continued through life, she noticed a distinct lack of awareness around Guyana as a country. Especially with people often mistaking it for Ghana in Africa. Additionally, only associating it with the tragic fate of Jim Jones’ followers Jonestown in 1978.

Singh-McKay wants to turn this perception around. She hopes to educate and inspire  people to share in her heritage. Having spent 10 years helping entrepreneurs and business owners build and grow their own businesses online and inspired by her  childhood experience, she is now raising the flag high for Guyana to shed light on  the positive and joyous culture of her homeland.

Celebrate with Pride

Celebrate National Culture and Heritage of Guyana with Guyanese Swag“The time has come for Guyanese around the world to rise up and proudly celebrate  who we are by paving the way for the next generation,” she says. “It is important that  we record our history by telling stories of our past while fostering a community  around the globe that is proud to celebrate our origins: where we came from, who we  are, and where we are going. One people, one nation, one destiny.”

Officially known as the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, the country is situated on  the northern mainland of South America. It has a rich Caribbean culture born from  the traditions of the indigenous tribes who call it home. Taking this heritage as inspiration, Singh-McKay has designed a whole suite of lifestyle products infused  with the joy, color, and pride of Guyana.

The Collection

Celebrate National Culture and Heritage of Guyana with Guyanese SwagFrom bathing suits to sneakers to mugs, towels, and aprons, you can now shop the  entire collection of Guyanese Swag online. Wall art featuring stunning views of the  Guyana Amazon rainforest, Fort Zeelandia, and Kaieteur Falls are also available,  making perfect gifts for friends and family wishing to add a little flavor of Guyana to  their home or office.

Guyanese Swag ships all products internationally with domestic delivery taking 5-7 business days. You can order your official Guyanese Swag products today at



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