CCTN Hosts Free Webinar on Spirituality& Peace

Diana McIntyre-Pike
Diana McIntyre-Pike

Kingston, Jamaica – Countrystyle Community Tourism Network (CCTN), a Jamaican entity, in partnership with Global Spiritual Forum (GSF) will host a free webinar on Spirituality and Peace: Lessons from the Caribbean for a Holistic Way of Life on September 30, 2020.

GSF was founded by Dr. Chandana (Chandi) Jayawardena, based in Canada. He is supported by three Administrators and 20 Moderators.

Diana McIntyre-Pike, Founder & President Countrystyle Community Tourism Network and President International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) Caribbean was a featured speaker in the August 2020 GSF Forum.

Since then, she has ignited wide acclaim and has returned to coordinate and present on the panel Spirituality and Peace – Lessons from the Caribbean for a Holistic Way of Life. 

McIntyre-Pike, international Community Tourism pioneer says “The foundation of my work with communities is spirituality and peace, its enduring influence fuels sustainable tourism development.”

Elizabeth Terry, Webinar Moderator and Presenter, welcomes spiritual enthusiasts with these words: “As we traverse this time of challenge and change, ‘staying inside’ has become a metaphor for spiritual renewal and the deepening of our spiritual connection to our Source, God, I Am Presence, or whatever name we choose to call our Divine Creator. We welcome the Global Spiritual Community to this Webinar where we will explore various Caribbean interpretations of how we may deepen our Spiritual Connection and gain resilience and strength to remain ever positive, aligned and focused on developing a world that works for everyone.”

The GSF Panelists are: Diana McIntyre-Pike, GSF Webinar Facilitator; Elizabeth Terry, Certified Trainer & Master Coach of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis; Sharon Oshun Parris-Chambers, President, PanaCarib Business Solutions Ltd. (Founder, Wellness Tourism Network) and Founder, Temple of Inner Peace (Spiritual Wellness Company) and Prince Matthew, Founder – It’s All Good Holistic Movement.

Lessons from the Caribbean will add a distinctive Jamaican flavour during the Welcome session with Prince Matthew, Rastafari performer, chanting and drumming to open the session.

The two-hour Webinar ends with classic Jamaican Reggae music and Prince Matthew will invite members to sing along.

The take away that Parris-Chambers will share is simply: “Conscious Living is not a buzz word used to replace the term ‘healthy lifestyle,’ it is spirituality expressing as the breath that breathes and animates us.”


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