Cayman Premier McKeeva Bush Hails Do Something World Campaign

CAYMAN ISLANDS – The premier of the Cayman Islands, the Honourable McKeeva Bush says the local government “just cannot pay” for the kind of goodwill shared by the California-based Miles Ahead and local organizations resulting from a major humanitarian visit to Grand Cayman.

Speaking at the unveiling of a commemorative Do Something World sculpture designed by Caymanian Luelan Bodden at George Town Hospital, Premier Bush said it was important that he support the campaign led by Miles Ahead whose volunteers helped along with local members of the community to beautify the hospital. “This type of organization, like many of our community service groups, can be an important part of our national youth program, reaching out to young people and demonstrating the value of hard work, taking ownership of their communities, and working together for the greater good,” he said.

Almost 100 volunteers from San Diego are currently on island working alongside residents on community service initiatives, including school building, hospital and girls’ home beautification projects as well as youth and prison outreach and medical health education seminars.

Speaking to reporters and assembled dignitaries on Thursday morning, the island’s leader reported that almost 200 volunteers had made a tremendous change to the hospital grounds, while at the Francis Bodden Girls Home more than 200 people donated hundreds of hours of work to give a dramatic facelift to the premises.

“I often say that the volunteer groups in this country do work that our government cannot afford to pay for. The churches do work that our government cannot afford to pay for … and I am happy that many have joined in this Do Something Cayman program,” he added, recognizing the motivating spirit of Do Something World. “Government just cannot pay for this type of goodwill,” he concluded.

Premier Bush continued, “We have over 50,000 people living in the Cayman Islands and I believe the calendar still shows 365 days in a year. Let us embrace the ideals of Do Something Cayman and the Church. Let us carry this momentum forward and work together to make positive changes to our communities. Let us take pride in our schools, hospitals, sports facilities, senior homes, and other valuable public venues. If these types of events were a regular occurrence throughout our nation it could have a transformational effect on our society. It would not just change our landscape but change our perspective and our ability to lead productive and happy lives.”

From left: Governor Duncan Taylor, Pastor Miles McPherson, Darren White of Elite Marble and Granite, Designer Luelan Bodden, and Premier McKeeva Bush with the Do Something World sculpture.

The Premier noted that “so many of our young people are looking for direction. They sometimes feel powerless in their own lives. They want to make a difference but just don’t know how. Together we can rebuild that Cayman spirit and determination in our youth.” He hoped that the tremendous example on display this week will inspire many others to step up and take ownership of their communities, opining that that the art which was unveiled will stand as a permanent reminder to all who visit the hospital grounds “that our community cares for one another and supports important social causes.”

Newly appointed Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor told attendees that real satisfaction in life really only comes from helping other people and making a positive contribution to society. “We are all in it together … and we can all help and support each other … and this campaign does exactly that,” he said.

In the Cayman Islands, Miles Ahead is partnering with the Cayman Ministers’ Association and local stakeholders to harness the power of volunteerism and philanthropy.

Miles McPherson, Senior Pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego, California, and President of Miles Ahead, mounts what is expected to be one of the largest festivals in the history of the Cayman Islands in partnership with the Cayman Ministers’ Association this Friday, May 14 and Saturday, May 15 at Black Pearl Skate Park in Grand Cayman.

The Do Something World Festival – to be streamed live at www.dosomethingcayman.com on both days starting at 7 p.m. ET this evening – is a free event and offers attendees of all ages the opportunity to enjoy exciting live music, gaming tents, a motocross stunt show, and children’s areas, along with culinary delights.

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