Caribbean Shipping Co., Laparkan moves to new Miami warehouse

MIAMI – Laparkan Shipping is moving its Miami warehousing operations to its new 166,000 square-foot state of the art facility, effective Monday, March 12, the company’s chairman and chief executive officer, Glen Khan announced today.

Khan said the move to the new warehouse, located at 3775 NW 77th Street, is intended to better serve the company’s expanding customer base which includes personal effects shippers, commercial entities, government and non-government agencies and international donor organizations.

“As of Monday, March 12 all cargo will be delivered to our new warehouse which provides for more efficient receiving and loading as well as state of the art racking and storage,” Khan said.

The new facility also houses the Disaster Emergency Relief Center which serves as a pre-positioning and staging area for emergency relief supplies needed in the event of a natural disaster in the State of Florida and/or countries in the Caribbean basin. Laparkan donated a section of this facility following the Haiti earthquake in January 2010 as a relief center, and working with the Americas Relief Team (ART) has transformed it into a permanent center to facilitate an immediate response in the event of a natural disaster.

Khan said the new facility also offers more space to customers to pack their cargo and enhanced facilities for the handling of hazardous material (HAZMAT) and bonded goods. He said Laparkan’s investment in the new warehouse is part of the company’s ongoing modernization program in keeping with the changing demands of the international logistics industry.

“This is yet another initiative that will maintain Laparkan among the top international logistics solutions providers,” Khan said.

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