Caribbean radio programming growing in Orlando

ORLANDO – Break Away Moments…the ultimate radio travel experience show is taking Orlando airwaves by storm!

The special program hosted by Sandy Isaacs, owner / CEO of Break Away Moments, airs every Sat. morning from 11:00am – noon during Caribbean Saturdays on WOKB 1600 AM. The program has the Travel & Tourism Industry as its forum with the specific focus of promoting the Caribbean region as the ultimate travel destination.

Guests have included people such as Keith Gooden of Carusa Consulting Services who was Director of the first ever 3 day Caribbean American Business Expo 2006 held in commemoration of the first ever Caribbean American Heritage Month, Glenn Harris, Executive Director of Caribbean Escapes who currently has a Caribbean Escapes package offered as a prize on the established Wheel of Fortune TV show included among the list of his accomplishments.

Val Branch-Duncan, Vice Pres. of the Grenadian American Assoc. of Central Fla. and John Munroe, one of the Public Relations Officers of the Grenadian American Assoc. of Central Florida has also been on the air adding to the specialness of this program.

Upcoming guests include Trinidad & Tobago Assoc. of Central Florida’s President, Selwyn Mahabir and Marilyn Greaves, Secretary of this association, Marlon Hill, Jamaican Diaspora South Florida Advisory Chair, Hugh Riley, Sales & Marketing Director of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), Maria Peralta, Past Pres. of the Central Florida Chapter of CTO, Andre Allong, Pres. of the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce, Christopher Wright, Jamaica Tourist Board Rep., Wesley Kirton of Central Florida Caribbean Sun newspaper, and Candace Hayes, Paradise Island, Bahamas Tourist Board Rep and many more significant others to come as well.

‘Break Away Moments…the ultimate radio travel experience show’ has much to offer its listening audience, which is not limited to just the Orlando area and its surrounding vicinity but also world wide through streaming on the web,

The program, as with other aspects of Break Away Moments, offers quality and a deviation from the norm. It is in keeping with the style of ‘breaking away from the ordinary routine and stepping into the Break Away Moments world of class and fancy flair’.

“This Caribbean radio program, with its intended focus of bringing the Caribbean territory and suggestion for travel to the area closer to the heart of the listeners, is enhanced by the ‘sweet sound sensations’ of DJ Charlie Brown who has a true ‘heart and soul for his music’” says Sandy.

The sounds of the Caribbean portrayed via the steel drum music mixed with a light reggae emphasis, coupled with the specific highlights of the varied Caribbean countries and their wonderful paradise offerings, serve to bring the uniqueness of the region to the airwaves, and to life as well! Taking a trip to the Caribbean begins with the listening ears, and becomes more as part of the aura of ‘Break Away Moments…the ultimate radio travel experience show’.

The program incorporates ‘T & T Time’ offering special guest appearances of folks within the Travel & Tourism Industry and its related services a spotlight segment, a ‘Total Tourist Travel’ sequence for the sharing and promotion of airline and cruise line packages, a ‘Catered Corner’ feature presentation of Caribbean restaurants and catering establishments in the Caribbean, a ‘Shared on Air’ segment of miscellaneous Caribbean information as it pertains to travel and tourism, and much more, which provides the stage for propelling listeners to experience their ‘Break Away Moments’

Think travel, think tourism, think Break Away Moments! This is the tagline of the show which is demonstrated by the fabulous mix and appeal for the listeners. The connotation of the Caribbean and what it has to offer with its terrific beaches, special ethnic food, sunshine and warmth of the people and more, creates for the listeners an ‘island appeal’ making for the desire to travel to the area. Well worth listening to every Saturday morning, this program details the myriad special attributes the Caribbean region has to offer its travelers.

Tune in and get the ‘ultimate best’ of the Caribbean with the travel and tourism element in this outstanding radio show that has as its premise a fabulous concept……the Caribbean!

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