Caribbean People and the big stick called Recession

By: Joan Williams

MARGATE – There was a time when migrating to America was forefront on the minds of many Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals. Well for those that are not here it is still a craze, but it has turned out to be “a bitter pill to suck on” for many who are already here…

In recent gossips with several colleagues in nursing and other professions, and the typical caribbean man on the street. I have come to realize that man, rabbit, puss and dogs are returning to Jamaica to seek employment there. Why? Dem las dem jab a merica'”

Due to the sharp economic decline, several small businesses close their doors in 2008-2009. Caribbean owned businesses were not spared from this dagger.

Caribbean businesses in all 52 states have been affected, and Florida is one of those states that took a head-on lick.

There was a time when real estate was king in Florida, Island people like everyone else saw their wealth increasing by doing the now infamous flipping of properties”. Unfortunately for a lot of us those properties have flipped” us into foreclosures, bankruptcies, divorce, infidelity and for the weaker ones utter madness.

Lots of Caribbean men did resort to making a livelihood from real estate sales, and writing of mortgages. As my girlfriend said,.” every gold teeth don gorgon, criminal, drug peddler and prostitutes, suddenly became realtors and mortgage brokers.” A change of profession is always good; however these were some of the first persons to experience the economic downturn.

There are others in these areas of expertise that are still doing enough business to keep food on the table, If there is a table left, [lol].

Women are forced to become the breadwinners, and lots of ladies with the mentality that Dem man fi mind dem”, are now in for a rude awakening, since they have to now go out and find a job to support the household.

Last but not least, this is the time to pull close as a family, if you can help anyone in these times, do so. Your day could be coming soon.

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