Caribbean Diaspora Entrepreneurs Network Map Launched

 Caribbean Entrepreneurship Community Set for Opportunity-driven CooperationToronto, Canada ― The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs (The CoP) has launched its global network map for diaspora entrepreneurs, their peers in the Caribbean, affiliates in host countries, and venture capitalists.

CoP partners, collaborators―including institutions of higher learning, key trade and export development organizations as well as retired diaspora entrepreneurs are invited to join the network and map.

The network building and mapping process commenced on New Year’s Day, 2020.

CoP Members can join the network and map via the opt-in link available in The Community of Practice. Non-members are welcome to request the link by Email at:

Network, rapid access to data and intelligence, relevant solutions and quality customer service will determine who wins the sales or contracts in the decade of the 20’s.

The network and mapping exercise is unique in that― it will bridge markets and entrepreneurs across both geographic and trade restriction divides in the Caribbean’s diasporic and home markets.  Those markets include North America, Europe, The Pacific, The Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

The network and map named “Caribbean Diaspora Entrepreneurs” allows members to share information about the products and service they offer, talents or skill sets they need and the markets in which they are looking to grow sales, or to find service delivery partners.  In addition, it offers two views of how members are connected―one focused on their connections and one on their location on the world map.

The network and map along with The Community of Practice presents opportunities for harvesting and leveraging shared, new and existing knowledge.

Together they present a one-of-a-kind option for helping members to overcome the barriers of limited social capital and lack of trust.  Both of which are serious obstacles to the growth of diaspora businesses in all [i] OECD Countries as well as in the Caribbean.

Interaction between CoP members and others in the network (both immigrant and mainstream entrepreneurs), researchers and venture capitalists will produce a perennial source of richness for those looking to gain market access, product or service-related intelligence for scaling up their businesses in local and global markets.  Others will get lucky and find insights, data and intelligence for driving innovation.

In other words, the network brings together “who knows you”, “others you should know”, market, and rapid low-cost research opportunities triggered by The CoP, individual CoP member(s), or other member of the network and map.

Among the outcomes will be radical and not so radical innovation for growing the pool of high performing entrepreneurs in host and home markets.  Ideas and lots of ideas for boosting service offers and sales will be available for those unlikely to scale the innovation hurdle.

Work teams within The CoP, and those executed outside through joint member service delivery partnerships, content and services shared within; as well as with the wider network will boost member trust and reputation.  Two CoP members recently experienced that power to delight in a stronger finish for 2019.

The CoP and network is not a start-up community, it is for seasoned, retired and new entrepreneurs. It is for the curious, creative, and ambitious who are committed to collaboration, co-creation and cooperation for growing big businesses in connected global markets.

There are no fees associated with joining the network and map, neither is CoP membership a perquisite.

Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who intend to participate in the upcoming BIDEM 2020 Conference and Trade Show will find the network and map a rich source of intelligence for en route to BIDEM planning.

To find out more contact The CoP Secretariat by Email at: .

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