Caribbean American to launch new magazine, “Break Away Moments”

WINTER SPRINGSBreak Away Moments magazine is the ‘HOTTEST’ and most ‘EXCITINGLY NEW’ magazine being developed to showcase travel locations throughout the Caribbean! Targeting an upscale readership audience, each quarterly issue will visit a specific destination and offer a ‘potpourri of Caribbean flair’ which lends to incorporating the uniqueness of the Caribbean lifestyle and ‘special moments’ of the region.

Sandy Isaacs, owner of Break Away Moments magazine, has as her vision, for readers to ‘travel’ the Caribbean countries and ‘experience’ the specialness and awe of the ‘Caribbean Paradise’.

Sandy Isaccs

The Break Away Moments reader will ‘feel’ the warmth of the Caribbean sun, charm of the people, lavishness of the culture, uniqueness of the arts & craft, vibrancy of the entertainment, pulsating musical rhythms, enticement of the gorgeous beaches, captivating beauty of the scenery, magnificence of the flora and fauna, special taste of the ethnic Caribbean cuisine, and so much more to be gained from the aesthetic value and content of this magazine.

Above all, the passion for publishing the magazine, coupled with the high level quality standards which Sandy Isaacs has set for this project, as she has for all aspects of Break Away Moments, will be highly evident in every issue!

Dawn Davis, editor of the Break Away Moments magazine will add the wealth of her background and experience to this entity. She has been an editor, writer, researcher and proofreader for many years. As a meticulous and organized person who pays excellent attention to detail, has a good rapport with people, and interviewing experience, she brings to the Break Away Moments magazine her creative, yet factual, organizational skills. Her strong personal interest in Art History, and avid participation in Caribbean cultural experiences, also serves to support what this magazine will offer its readers. Additionally, Dawn Davis has the ‘know-how’ and exudes the ‘cool confidence’ necessary to excel in her capacity as editor of this fabulous magazine.

Keith Gooden, of CARUSA Consulting Service, LLC is also affiliated with this project, offering the best of his consulting services as he has consistently done throughout his affiliation with Break Away Moments. He is a well-respected and astute professional, who recognizes the non-compromising level of quality that the Break Away Moments magazine will set as a standard. Keith was the coordinator of the 3 day Caribbean- American Business Expo held in Orlando, Fl. June 2006 in recognition of the significant first ever Caribbean- American Heritage Recognition Month.

Along with other outstanding aspects of his professional career, he brings this terrific background and knowledge to the ‘Break Away Moments’ magazine.

Christian Knightly, of Treefrog Cinegraphix Designs, is the graphic artist for ‘Break Away Moments’ magazine. He has brought a wealth of exciting creativity to all aspects of Break Away Moments endeavors to date. Christian has the vision to create fantastic graphic work that is truly in keeping with the vision of ‘Break Away Moments’ magazine, and the high standard it will present.

The Caribbean community will be greatly affected by the Break Away Moments magazine as it showcases the region with specific focus given to featuring the various hotels, restaurants, airlines, spas, attractions, landmarks, and events. Also pertaining significantly to the Caribbean region, will be the effect the magazine is destined to have on the impact of the Tourism Industry. As a relevant travel magazine specific to the Caribbean territory, it will serve to optimize this industry and related businesses, thus contributing ultimately to the economic structure of the area.

The ‘Break Away Moments’ magazine will have ‘Break Away Moments….the ultimate radio travel experience show’ currently aired on WOKB 1600 AM, and hosted by Sandy Isaacs, owner of Break Away Moments, as a format that will additionally support the magazine’s showcasing of the Caribbean region.

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