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Caribbean-American set to publish new book, Forever Young At 50+

FT. LAUDERDALE – It’s Nina Hart’s philosophy that people over fifty shouldn’t be too quick to believe that the best years of their lives are behind them. To Nina, who is a member of the “Over Fifty Club” to accept that this is true, is an unwarranted admission of defeat.

On the contrary, the former banker, real estate executive, motivational speaker, author and mother to six adult children is convinced that there are too many people over fifty who have much to accomplish in what are commonly regarded as their senior years.

With this philosophy Ms Hart took the brilliant and unique initiative of embarking on the research of men and women over fifty with the objective of compiling and publishing a book on the achievements, accomplishments and success of these people. Subject to her far-reaching research she selected and compiled 100 stories to be included in her book, “Forever Young at 50+” which is due to be released on July 31, 2010.

The book contains the stories and full sized photographs of people from around the globe, most of whom contended with and overcame various challenges, including serious illnesses, divorce, financial downfall, and other major obstacles, but today, most of the individuals featured are extremely successful and excited about the next phase of their lives.

The articles feature individuals who are Business Professionals, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Philanthropists, Pastors, Media Representatives and more. The stories are all motivational, which will encourage and inspire the 50+ population especially those who are over fifty and think that because of their age life has passed them by. Wrong! This is the perfect time to tap into undiscovered talent and shine.

This is the second book to be published by Ms. Hart. Her first book “Crosses to Bear, Love to Share,” (a story of hope and a dedication to single mothers), was first published in 1997, and recently republished June 2010.

She and her six children are all successful individuals; college professor, financial advisor, educator, creative artist, CEO of special events company and member of the US navy. Ms Hart and her children are the founders and owners of the publishing company, Six Hearts Publishing. Ms. Hart plans to publish additional titles in the near future. These titles include, “Like Daughter Like Mother, Pulmonary Embolism The Silent Killer; Unstoppable At 30 and Under, and the second in the series of “Forever Young at 50+,” (annual publication). Six Hearts Publishing will also provide full literary services to new writers as most main stream publishers will not readily accept the work of new writers.

The first edition of “Forever Young at 50+” will be formally launched in Davie on July 31, 2010. There are other book signings already planned for various locations in South Florida, The West Coast, New York, Pennsylvania, Atlanta, San Diego and Jamaica. Ms Hart can be contacted at [email protected]

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