Caribbean-American National Heritage Month 2022

Caribbean-American National Heritage Month 2022[ORLANDO] – The following statement was issued by Rev. Dr. Karen R. Green, Vice Chair of the Florida Democratic Party and Congressional Candidate for District 7 to mark National Caribbean-American Heritage Month 2022:

National Caribbean-American Heritage Month provides us with an opportunity to pause and reflect on the many contributions that Caribbean nationals have made and continue to make to the development of the United States.

It is a time to celebrate the impact Caribbean nationals have made in bolstering and enriching the United States.

Across many areas of endeavors, Caribbean nationals have made and are making an impact. Whether it is in academia, sports, culture, business, politics law enforcement, the military or at the community level where they lead non-profit organizations, the contributions of Caribbean nationals are having the desired effect.

It is worth remembering that the first major wave of Caribbean nationals to the United States began in the first half of the 20th century and, according to US government official statistics, in 2017 there is an estimated 4-point-4 million Caribbean nationals living in the United States.

Vice President, Kamala Harris

Our current Vice President, Kamala Harris, boast Caribbean heritage (Jamaican). But she is not the only person who has risen to a level of prominence in the United States who has Caribbean heritage. The Late Colin Powell, Sir Sidney Poitier, Shirley Chisholm, to name a few also had Caribbean roots. Chicago was founded by a man with Caribbean roots (Haitian).

Across a wide swart of the United States Caribbean nationals are doing their part to enhance and deepen relations between their adopted country and the Caribbean region.

The enduring legacy of the Caribbean people is one of tenacity and drive, always reaching higher.

America is and has always been a nation of immigrants and Caribbean Nationals have strengthened the pillars of the United States through their contributions.

As a Caribbean woman of Jamaican extract, I have seen first-hand the hard work of Caribbean nationals in helping to build the United States. Whether as farm workers, seasonal hotel workers, nurses, teachers or other professionals, Caribbean nationals have, over the years made a huge contribution to the enrichment of the United States.

So as we celebrate National Caribbean Heritage Month let us recall those who came before and contributed while celebrating those who are currently making their contribution to the continued development and enrichment of the United States and the Caribbean region.



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