Caribbean-American Heritage Month Achiever: Self-Taught Jewelry Designer-Nelssie Marie Francois Jerome

SOUTH FLORIDA – Nelssie Marie Francois Jerome is  a 25 years old self-taught jewelry designer located in Miami.  She was born in Montreal, Canada but was raised in Haiti by her aunts, in a lovely town called “Cap-Haitien”“. She began her primary and secondary education in Haiti, at Externat Saint Francois Xavier, a Catholic School. Later Nelssie Marie returned to Canada to pursue further education and a career in community action.

Nelssie Marie started handmade jewelry as a hobby. She had no plans in mind to make it into a business venture. However, being fascinated with the use of beads has led Nelssie Marie to use her creativity to develop a variety of designs that people have found attractive and compelling.

As someone who is actively engaged in social network, Nelssie Marie shared a few pictures of some of her designs with friends on Facebook and their response was not only overwhelming in terms of support but an appeal from them for replicas with the promise of paying cash to obtain them. Consequently, Nelssie Marie started to buy more beads, materials, and spend more time creating and developing new designs. Over a short period of time, the demand has increased significantly to the extent that she  decided to create a Website and Facebook page to market her jewelry.

Her company specialize in making unique and beautiful handmade  jewelry. Their mission is to make accessorizing easy and fun, with pieces that can be worn on several occasions and with a variety of outfits.

Nessie Marie Francois Jerome
Nelssie Marie Francois Jerome

Inside Nelssie Marie Francois Jeromes world

“When I get dressed in the AM II strive for a natural look while making sure I wore one of my design either a necklace, bracelet,or earring”.

“The most meaningful piece of jewelry I own is a pair of earring that my aunt gave me before she passed away”.

Q: How do you decide what to create?

NJ: The creative process is in mind.There’s not a protocol to follow, there are no rules when it comes to that part. I keep it simple, I don’t stress myself, I just go with the flow. I let my imagination and my hand do the magic. As a result, my creation has a unique effect.

“When I am looking to get inspired I just relax, clear my mind and listen to some music. I get inspired at any moment of the day. Music and nature in general inspire me the most. And also every piece of jewelry I made inspires me more to make another one”.

Q: Beyond applying basic techniques how to you evoke an emotional response to your jewelry?

NJ: Beside the basic techniques, I would say my enthusiastic attitude-my joy of creating , my exciting mood.

Q: When is enough enough?

NJ: Making jewelry is an ongoing process, for every piece of jewelry there is a point when i just know if I are going to add or subtract some element in my design to get that ”WOW” effect .My mind is always working, I am constantly working . When I wake up in the morning one of the first things I usually think about is my handmade of jewelry.

In closing, Nelssie states“We hope you find something that will ‘spark your fancy’–something you will be as excited to wear as we are proud to have made it for you”!




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