Canadian consultants to expand Bahamas government’s IT program

Nassau, The Bahamas – A team of Canadian Government information technology consultants agreed to assist in expanding The Bahamas’ e-government program met with Sen. the Hon. James Smith, Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday, November 2.

The Canadian consulting team was led by Mr. Mark Lusingnan, Acting Director, International Services, and Auditor of Canada.

Minister Smith noted that the second phase of The Bahamas’ e-government program was announced two years ago and is designed to bring the public service into the 21st century by use of computer information technology.

“The last budget communication indicated that we wanted to build on this and expand this, and what we introduced at the time was a national information communication framework. We said at the time that we were about to bring to The Bahamas a very experience group of people who could assist us in this exercise in enlarging our e-government effort,” Minister Smith said during the meeting at the Ministry of Finance, Cecil Wallace Whitfield Centre, Cable Beach.

Minister Smith said he and his ministry hopes that at the end of the day there would be an expanded program in information technology where government services could be accessed online, where people can download forms, register and take advantage of other features.

“We are doing this in conjunction with the telecommunication company, having them to expand their services to facilitate this process,” said Minister Smith.

Mr. Lusignan his team is “extremely honored and delighted” to be called upon by the Ministry of Finance to provide assistance to the government and “to take this vision from reality and beyond building on some of the valuable lessons learnt in Canada and the best practices that we have developed from our own experiences.”

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