Canada leads international efforts to rebuild Haiti at Montreal Conference

MONTREAL, Canada – Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper today rallied the international community to a strategic and coordinated effort to rebuild Haiti. The Prime Minister’s call came during an address to delegates of the Ministerial Preparatory Conference on Haiti.

“The generosity seen over the past two weeks is a testament to the kindness and compassion that unites humanity in the face of catastrophe,” said Prime Minister Harper. “Thanks to decisive international action, medical and humanitarian support is pouring into the country and saving lives.”

“As we continue to focus on fast and effective humanitarian assistance, we must, at the same time, begin to look to the longer-term challenge of reconstruction,” said the Prime Minister. “The international community must be prepared for a sustained, significant effort in Haiti, working closely with the leadership of the Government of Haiti.”

Prime Minister Harper outlined principles to guide the work of Haiti reconstruction:

• Sustainability – the world must commit to Haiti for the long term
• Effectiveness – Resources must be directed to where they are most needed to help the people of Haiti.
• Accountability – the commitments we make must be firm and lasting and ensure that tax dollars are used effectively, as Canadian taxpayers expect.

“It is Canada’s hope that this meeting will set the stage for broad international action on reconstruction that will mobilize the will and resources of all of Haiti’s partners,” said the Prime Minister

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