Can You Stop a Divorce After Filing Papers?

Divorce is a life-changing decision that brings drastic challenges in your life, so there is no wonder many people may get hesitant about making the final choice. Even after the process is already rolling, many decide to halt it and reverse the marriage termination decision.

Yet, you cannot change your mind anytime and hope for the outcomes to meet your desires. The ability to reverse a divorce depends on multiple factors. Explore the relevant law regulations and learn how to stop a divorce if it is still applicable to your situation.

Can You Stop a Divorce After Filing Papers

When the Petition is Filed

To initiate the divorce case you have to meet the local residency requirement for divorce and file a petition to the family law office including your intentions and views on divorce. If you are done with this primary step and suddenly change your mind, this is the most favorable moment to stop the process.

To halt your marriage termination at the stage of filing you need to withdraw a petition by handing in the relevant request. As soon as the court receives and approves your inquiry, the marriage termination process is canceled.

When Case Is in Progress

If you need more time to settle your mind and wonder can you stop divorce after filing and dealing with some divorce issues already? The answer is still ‘yes’. Suppose that you have filed the divorce petition, served your spouse, and started discussing the divorce settlement agreement points. And in the middle of a discussion, it strikes you that divorce is not what you really want and need right now. There is still no reason to panic since the situation can be fixed easily.

If you wish to put your divorce to a halt in the middle of the process, there should be two of you to approve such a decision. To do so, both you and your partner have to sign a voluntary dismissal of your marriage termination case. As soon as your request is approved, your divorce will be dismissed.

When Divorce Decree Is Entered

Many couples argue can a divorce be reversed when the case has passed the final stage and the divorce decree is entered. This can be hardly achieved. You are already divorced and legally single. This means you cannot reverse your divorce at this point.

The only rare cases happen when any of the marriage termination processes are deemed fraudulent and illegal. But such situations are difficult to find nowadays since everything is thoroughly checked and reviewed before a final divorce decree is granted to you.

So if you have any desire to save your marriage when your divorce is fully complete, your only option is to get married to your former spouse again. Don’t treat it as a problem but as another chance to celebrate your love and reunion.

When Your Spouse Doesn’t Share Your Opinion

You can get divorced without your spouse’s approval, but you cannot force your partner to stay married to you if they don’t want it. To request a dismissal of the divorce petition you need signs of both of you, to get married again you need the desires of both partners, to work on the relationship problems you need the commitment of both of you as well. Even if you start the reverse process, your partner can request to defend the divorce case and go on with it despite your opposite position.

So, if there is only reluctance or even hostility on your partner’s side, no matter how you want to reverse your divorce, you’d better quit the idea.

What to Do Next

If you found a way to cancel your divorce and restore your marriage, your work isn’t over here. You almost completed the intention of putting your marital relationship to the end, so don’t expect your marriage to work well without any actions from both spouses.

You should try out couple therapy to identify and solve the problems that have led you to divorce, even if not a complete one. Put in decent efforts, remember why you decided to save your marriage, and strengthen your relationships in the outcomes.


Even if you have started the divorce process, it is never late to reassess your situation and save your marriage instead of ruining it. Withdraw your divorce petition if you have just filed it. Request the divorce dismissal if your marriage termination is deep in the process. Get married again and enjoy another chance after the final decree is already granted. If both you and your spouse still want to reunite and work on your relationships, do your best to change your marital life for the better.


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