Can UV Light Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus Disease?

Can UV Light Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus Disease?

The world is now fighting the coronavirus pandemic, which has ravaged and made lives difficult. Besides social distancing, wearing masks, using sanitizers, and introducing the vaccine to combat the virus, technology is now taking shape to curb the virus. Experts are now using UV light to help in fighting the virus. Ultraviolet rays (UVs) are more potent than radio waves and light but weaker than X-rays. They help in combating the virus’s spread. Where do UV rays come from? These rays can be natural from the sunlight or artificial through human-made sources, including tanning beds. Read to find out more about how UV light can help to fight coronavirus disease.

Can UV Light Kill Viruses?

Experts use UV light to kill viruses and bacteria in living organisms. According to research done, UV light can also help kill the SARS-CoV-2 – the coronavirus disease virus. There are many uses of UV lights, depending on the type. Here are the types and their benefits.

●      UVA Light

This is the lowest form of the UV lights, which has less destruction energy. You can get the UV light from the regular sunshine. Long-term exposure has effects on the skin, which leads to skin damage and premature aging.

●      UVB Light

It’s only a small portion of the sun’s rays that contains UVB light. This light sits at the center of the sunrays and causes more damage to the skin, including sunburns and skin cancer.

●      UVC Light

this light is the strongest of the ultraviolet rays, and most of it from the sun gets captured by the earth’s ozone layer. This situation means that we rarely get exposed to it daily. However, there are artificially produced UVC lights got from human-made sources. UVC light is mostly used to kill bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus, as explained in these Healthy Sole PLUS videos and testimonials. Its uses include disinfecting all types of surfaces, liquids, and air. How does it work? The UVC light works by killing the germs and bacteria by destroying their cells, including the protein and nucleic acids.

Facts Concerning UVC and the Coronavirus

UVC light can indeed destroy and kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Here are some ways it’s applied to contain the virus.

●      It’s Used to Disinfect the Liquids

According to studies done by American Journal for Infection Control, UVC light can kill vast amounts of coronavirus germs present in fluids. It does this by inactivating the virus population in the shortest span of 9 minutes.

●      It Disinfects Surfaces

From the research done in laboratories, the far-UVC lights can quickly eliminate the COVID-19 virus on any solid surface. This particular UVC type is between 207 and 222 nanometers in wavelengths. This action is very swift, and the rays eliminate at least 99.7% of the viruses in 30 seconds. Even though this UVC is merciless to viruses and bacteria, it doesn’t damage the skin and humans’ eyes – Other UVCs are more harmful than this.

●      It Disinfects the Air

The Journal Scientific Reports have given their findings on the UVC lights used to disinfect the air. According to the research, the far-UVC lights can kill at least two types of viruses associated with the coronavirus disease. These viruses, 229E and OC43, are the main ones that cause the common cold symptoms when one is suffering from the virus. The research further revealed that the rays could kill at least 99.9% of the virus present in the air in approximately 25 minutes.

How UVC Is Currently Used to Contain the Coronavirus Disease

More research will determine other effects of the UV rays to contain the disease. Most health centers use the beams to prevent the virus’s spread. It involves dealing with the new virus without using harmful chemicals. There are unique lamps on sale to disinfect surfaces, air, and liquids to contain the virus. Currently, professionals are using these lamps in hospitals and other healthcare centers to disinfect surfaces, operating rooms, hospital equipment, personal protective equipment (PPEs), and other shared equipment in health centers.

Are There Downsides of Using These Rays?

There has to be direct exposure of the rays and the targeted viruses for them to be effective. The areas need to be cleaned for the beams to work effectively. Using the rays at home is also dangerous, primarily if not meant for home use.

Before using the UV C light to combat the virus’s spread, ensure to get the equipment from experts. This situation will prevent the dangers of buying inferior equipment that will directly expose you to the rays, thus damaging your skin and eyes. Also, these lamps are of lower intensity and can’t be used for lighting purposes other than disinfecting surfaces.


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