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Calling to the Caribbean just got easier – Superbird Telecom launches Service In Miami

MIAMI – Superbird Telecom, Inc. has launched its revolutionary flat-rate international telecommunications service. The Miami-based company launched the service in the South Florida market and began offering its one-of-a kind service to the public on October 17, 2007.

Customers can place unlimited calls to over 100 countries for a flat monthly rate of $49.95 – no equipment, no contract.

Superbird Telecom’s service primarily targets people who communicate with family, friends and associates throughout the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America and Asia. A series of market analyses indicate that the number of international phone calls originating in the United States has increased more than 30 times in the past twenty years, going from 200 million a year to 6.2 billion per year. This is due, in part, to the increase of the number of emigrants in the United States.

South Florida is a perfect place to launch the Super Bird Telecom product as this market is over 150% more ethnic than the rest of America with huge influxes of residents from Latin America, The Caribbean, Mexico and Europe.

Projections already indicate that between 2007 and 2011 the percentage foreign-born population will grow by an estimated 6.55 percent – that’s over ten million people.

Melvin McFarlane
General Manager, Superbird Telecom

“We have launched a very unique international calling service. While there are other international calling services on the market, like phone cards, Superbird provides an exceptional product that is both convenient and economical, works with all major cellular and home phone service providers, can call any home or cellular virtually in the world and requires no additional equipment and no internet connection”, said Melvin McFarlane, General Manager of Superbird Telecom. “Our research also shows that many phone cards do not allow international callers to call a cell phone and eat up the value of the phone card with call origination fees.

To sign up for unlimited international calling or to speak to a Superbird Telecom Customer Service representative call at 1-800-780-8207 or visit www.superbirdtelecom.com.

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