Buju Banton’s Before The Dawn Reggae Concert Thrills Fans

By Pat White

MIAMI – The stage was dark, all lights out…….the back-up singers began an inspirational chorus. The audience was on their feet with anticipation as the back-up singers sang and sang. Eventually, a deep, rustic voice joined the chorus, in the still dark stage. The audience recognized the familiar deep voice and roared even though Buju had not emerged as yet.

As the audience roared and waived their lighters, the stage began to illuminate and a majestic, familiar figure with long dread locks was visible. The crowd rejoiced as they greeted Buju, who they had not seen in what seemed too long a time.

Dressed in black pants and matching black vest against a sparkling white shirt, Buju was embraced with shouts of joy from the audience and he returned the sentiment with a powerful opening performance. He sang from the pit of his stomach as he brought his head to his knees; he jumped in his familiar prance and you were reminded how he keeps such a slender physique. His energy was just insurmountable as he gave the audience what they came to see.

Buju B

He ditched his vest as he continued to pour everything into his opening number. As one watched this amazing, energetic, magical performance, one couldn’t help but think about Buju’s recent ordeal and imprisonment. And, even though his legal battle is not over, one had to be filled with warmth and enjoyment that he was in a totally different environment; showing the best of himself to the world ……what he was made to do…displaying his true talent – Dancing, singing, shaking those gorgeous long locks. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

Watch Scenes From Buju Banton’s Before the Dawn Concert:
Sean Paul
Sexy Sean Paul had the ladies roaring as he did a few of his hits. Then again, if he came on stage and sang the alphabet, the ladies would still go crazy, including myself. Sporting a new Mohawk, prancing and posing across the stage, Sean Paul was completely in his hot element. Spragga Benz joined in on a few of his numbers.


Shaggy, emerged in his bad boy outfit with matching cap. Grabbing his crotch, clutching the mike, thrusting his hips and belting those deep and sultry tunes, Shaggy mesmerized the audience and had them singing along. His stay on stage was short but sweet. After a few quick numbers from DJ Khaled, the audience was treated to over an hour of riveting performance from Buju Banton.

The night was cool, with a 65 degree weather. The air was crisp and clear. The variety of food scents filled the air and the happy cheerful people bustling about on the outskirts of the crowd created a vibrant, fun-filled atmosphere. Many came out just to show their support as Buju continues to face his court case. They welcomed a chance to celebrate his recent bail and offer support – monetary and otherwise – before his return to court in the near future. I’m sure Buju Banton’s fans left feeling as though they received as much (if not more than) as they gave.

Fans enjoying sweet reggae music!

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