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B&T’s Tree Service Advise on How to Protect your Florida Property from Storm Tree Damage

B&T's Tree Service Advise on How to Protect your Florida Property from Storm Tree Damage

The 2020 hurricane season is widely expected to be above average, in terms of damage and loss throughout Florida. B&T’s Tree Service has spoken out on how you can protect your property and family from the risks posed by falling trees.

2019’s Hurricane Dorian was estimated to have caused up to $1.6 billion in damages in the US, excluding flood damages. With 2020 expecting to be much worse for hurricanes, experts are advising Floridians to start preparing now.

Prepare Your Home for The Storm

Our friends over at B&T’s Tree Service, one of Florida’s most respected experts on tree surgery and tree related storm damage, recommend that you invest in the services of an arborist when a big storm is on the way. Weakened trees and dangerous branches aren’t always visible to the average person. They’ll be able to provide expert advice on what you should do about any trees on or near your property. They have a handy blog here that runs through all sorts of tips and hacks regarding keeping your property safe from the elements. 

It’s also wise to begin cutting larger branches before a storm hits. If you have any doubt over a branch, it’s usually better to take it down and not take the chance.

You may also want to consider moving your car and any other pieces of heavy machinery into your garage, if you have one, before the storm hits. Street trees have a habit of coming down and destroying personal vehicles.

Check the Health of Your Trees

There are no specific species of tree that is prone to falling branches more than others. Any tree in poor health can be at risk of falling onto your property in the event of a storm.

Call in B&T’s Tree Service to get more information on the health of your trees. Something as simple as a higher presence of insects within the trunk can indicate a vulnerable tree.

Plant Trees Strategically

Did you just move into a new property or are you thinking about planting new trees?

Think strategically. Consider how far the canopy of a fully grown tree expands and how far the roots can extend under the house.

B&T’s Tree Service states that millions of dollars in Florida property damage could be avoided simply if the owners had planted their trees strategically, or simply made sure that buildings were spaced well enough away from any dangerous branches.

Calling in the help of an expert can allow you to avoid serious problems in the future. If there is no immediate danger you will at least have brought yourself peace of mind that your trees are in good shape for the next storm. 

Cut Down Trees That Pose a Danger

Trees that have been a fixture on a property for years tend to have a lot of sentimental value. However, they could cost you your life if they fall into buildings or vehicles,  as we have discussed above. Don’t be afraid to get a tree cut down that could be dangerous and survey any that you may see as being problematic.

Florida experiences the most hurricanes of any US state and deaths from falling branches and trees are common. It’s not worth taking the risk to protect a tree you happen to like when there is a danger it could pose a risk to life or property.

Make sure you consult with a professional before opting to cut down any tree, though. It must be cut in the right way, as well as taking into account the roots underground.

If you have a large, dangerous tree in your yard and you haven’t had time to cut it down, it may be worth sheltering in the basement or even relocating for the duration of any serious storms. It is then wise to deal with it once the storm you are facing has blown over.



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