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Broward County Assisting Haiti Earthquake Victims

BROWARD – In support of the relief efforts associated with the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Broward County employees are making donations to the American Red Cross through direct financial contributions or payroll deductions. In addition, Port Everglades is waiving all tariff charges for qualifying cargo and the ships delivering relief supplies to Haiti.

“Broward County employees have always been most generous in reaching out to others who need help,” said Broward County Mayor Ken Keechl. “Many people living in Broward County come from Haiti, or have family, relatives and friends living there now. We hope that Broward County contributions can help the earthquake victims in Haiti get the life-saving supplies and support that is needed to recover from this terrible disaster.”

Emergency managers readily confirm that monetary donations are the quickest and most efficient way to help. Individual gifts of goods, while well-intentioned, can actually create distribution problems.

“We are encouraging all Broward County residents, employers and companies to make monetary donations to the many relief organizations which are providing assistance,” Keechl said.

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