Books & Books to Feature Toby Thompkins, Author of “The Real Lives of Strong Black Women”

Miami, FL – Intended for strong women of all races and ethnicities, Toby Thompkins examines the struggle of minority women, with his debut novel titled “The Real Lives of Strong Black Women; Transcending Myths, Reclaiming Joy.” Thompkins will begin the Miami leg of his promotional book tour with a book signing at Books and Books in Coral Gables on Monday, September 19, 2005 at 8pm. His tour features stops in New York, Chicago and the Caribbean.

“The Real Lives of Strong Black Women” has created a buzz within the Black community, uplifting the spirits and lives of women who have dealt with issues such as “Mother Daughter Power Struggles”, “Relationships”, “Faith and Spirituality”, “Sisterhood”, and “Reclaiming Joy.” Described as a “warm, sensitive and straightforward self-help guide for African American women” by reviewer Gil Robertson of Electric Urban Report, the book presents first-person stories of black women of all ages and from all walks of life. Each account is followed by Thompkin’s analysis of the situations they recount. Although the messages in “The Real Lives of Strong Black Women” have universal relevance, the book appeals most strongly to black women ages 25 to 55.

“It’s been wonderful to connect with women and men of all cultures across the country, to have affirming conversations about what it means to be strong in Black America today,” says Thompkins about his tour. “I explore strength in black life in order to incite positive thought in black people today who don’t believe that greater love, self-care, and joy is possible for them,” he added, “I hope this guide gives women in general and Black women in particular, permission to heal and renew themselves, and to ask for help and support when and where they need it.”

“Toby is an exceptionally articulate and charismatic author whose naturally warm persona will have great broadcast appeal,” says publisher Doug Seibold of Agate Publishing Inc. “The Real Lives of Strong Black Women” was Agate’s lead nonfiction title for the Fall 2004 season.

Thompkins lives in New York City, where he works as a life coach and professional speaker on the topics of personal growth relationships and cultural and social healing. He has spent 20 years working for and consulting with Fortune 100 companies on diversity, leadership, leveraging human capital, and managing success. A former columnist for the self-help magazine Miracle Journeys and a member of the National Association for Black Journalists, Thompkins has had extensive media appearances (including TV appearances) for his book.

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