Blak Ryno, BabyDall, & Jae Summer Buzzin’ with “Heart Again”

Blak Ryno, BabyDall, & JaeSummer Buzzin' with "Heart Again"
Buzzin’ Heart Again Riddim feat. Blak Ryno, BabyDall, Jae Summer & More

NEW YORKThe “Heart Again” riddim is a vibezy, crossover ready and radio friendly Dancehall compilation featuring popular dancehall artist Blak Ryno, alongside emerging Jamaica-based artists BabyDall, Jae Summer, Lusion, Itakay, Don Pree and VynnXL.

Telling an engaging story of resilience, Westmoreland’s emerging BabyDall leads out in the title track with a promise to never use her “Heart Again“, as her TruMoneyMusiq label-mate singjay JaeSummer takes society to task in the very lyrical, “Stay Long Time”.

Waterford native and popular international artist Blak Ryno steps in to give the ladies exactly what they want in “100%”. Paying homage to legendary Pinchers’ 1987 hit “Agony”, the edgy song skillfully delivers original Dancehall vibes, to the new generation.

Additionally, Kingston based singjay Itakay is way too “Preoccupied” stacking coins to be bothered with haters, while Don Pree reflects on very relatable situations in “Love Challenges”.

And, as VynnXL reflects on inevitable detractors in the sobering lyrics of “Inna Life”, Lusion goes all out for what’s his in a universal proclamation called ” Mine”.

The Heart Again riddim is produced by Westmoreland’s emerging star producer, NecoGlock (aka Infamous Musiq), lead in-house producer of the NYC based indie label TruMoneyMusiq (TMM).

Due for worldwide release on October 23, 2020, the entire riddim was recently debuted by Killaboo on North America’s leading Caribbean radio station, New York’s IrieJam 93.5 FM. Additionally, Blak Ryno and Jae Summers’ cuts on the riddim were debuted last Sunday by Bobby Konders on America’s leading mainstream, urban radio station, New York’s Hot97 FM.

The fun and energetic riddim compilation comes on the heels of the international buzz of TMM’s 2020 label debut with their introduction of BabyDall’s first two singles–“Weed Alone” and “Dark”, both of which received spins on mainstream radio stations like NYC’s Hot97, Miami’s 99 JAMZ, The Beat London’s 103, and Jamaica’s Sun City.


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