BFE Telecom launches The Black 411 to locate black businesses nationwide

MIAMI – BFE Telecom, Inc. has announced it is launching the revolutionary new service, The Black 411,. that is designed to help consumers find black owned businesses across the country. The service will officially launch on April 30th, 2006.

BFE Telecom Inc., is a black owned Telecom company targeted at promoting Black Business through technology. The company was founded in 2005 by Lawrence Spear a telecom executive with over 20 years in the telecom field. “I have spent years finding and creating solutions for major companies throughout the world, and I saw an opportunity to create something that would make a difference in the lives of my own people”. said Mr. Spear.

Spear further added, “This type of service is long overdue and necessary. There is a huge gap between the financial resources and opportunities for blacks and black businesses in this country, and the mainstream. We have over 36 billion Black Americans in this country, and we also spend over $750 billion annually, yet our businesses only receive .4% of the receipts generated in this country.

The Black 411 will help to level the economic playing field. If we can strengthen the black business that will lead to more job creation, better schools, cleaner safer communities, and it will provide additional options for our youth.

The new service is designed to simplify the way that consumers find and locate Black Owned businesses. The service is especially useful to the Black Business person, or someone who travels a great deal. Sometimes you may find yourself in a new city or part of town and you are in need of a haircut or some good homecooking. The Black 411 will be there to help you locate the type of business or service you need.

The Black 411 will initially launch in 4 cities, New York, Atlanta, Washington DC/Maryland., and South Florida. We have a very aggressive launch plan to have the top 10 cities for Black Business and Black Population completed by the 1st quarter of 2008. The service will be marketed utilizing independent agents across the country, as well as an aggressive campaign on Black Radio, Black Television, Black magazines, Black Newspapers, and more

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