Best Virtual Soccer Games For All Level Players

By Arham Akhtar

Virtual reality is taking big leaps and bounds in every industry. This is evident in the gaming industry too. Every day the gaming industry witnesses new updates and new people keep on adding to the bracket of online gamers. Soccer games are so phenomenal that different businesses across the world have brought new developments in it like FIFA coins cheapest are sailing well in the market and have created a huge demand lately.

Looking at the popularity of soccer games, multiple online gaming platforms have copied their themes to give users the real feeling of soccer. 

This article narrates the most popular soccer games that are played at multiple levels by players across different platforms.

Best Virtual Soccer Games

The Gaming Market Of Soccer

The biggest market for soccer games is in the USA. However, the game has wide popularity irrespective of the people and nation. The game would likely dominate the market without bringing any rivals shortfall thanks to FIFA’s vogue.

Having gone through the ideas of soccer and basic facts about it, let us make a list of the top 5 popular soccer games that you can play online.

1.  FIFA: How can we talk about soccer and not include FIFA in it. FIFA is also called EA soccer. It is said that FIFA has about 9.1 million players across all nooks and corners of the world. FIFA also sold 325 million copies according to the 2021 report. Looking at this figure you must have assumed the number of FIFA followers in the world. The game is admired by the players due to its high graphics resolution, the PvP mode, squad selection options, and career option. This game is enjoyable but to reap other benefits, a player has to indulge in cash donations. Each year the game makes new updates, and new players keep on adding to the list.

2.  Pro Evolution Soccer(PES): PES is also termed e-football. It is popular among the players of Japan and North America brought by Konami in 1995. Over the years, PES has witnessed 22 updates and this list is unending.

The only difference that exists between FIFA and PES is in terms of the license of teams and players. Players find PES more enjoyable as they don’t have to learn tricks, unlike FIFA. However, they both give the same feelings to the players. FIFA enjoys a more virtual reality in the soccer gaming industry. 

3.  Freekick: Freekick is for those who aren’t as professional in the soccer gaming industry but still want to try their hands on the game. This game is good for killing some time. The most important benefit of Freekick is that it comes with a free version. Other features of the game are weekly tournaments, multiple-player strategy, and decent graphics to play on. 

4.  Dream league soccer: Dream league soccer is most popular among android gamers. The main agenda of the game is to win championships. This game also comes in a free version and it offers a slim option of playing to the users. Players can build their own teams, train them, and ultimately face fight-off and back championship trophies. It also offers leaderboards, six divisions, etc. which makes it thrilling. 

5.  Soccer star 2020: It is an easy to function game that offers a wide set of exploration for the player. A player can collect various items like advanced boots, master boots, superstar trainers, and Amateur agents. Not only this but you can take part in the championship, world cup trophy, leagues, and national cup. With your choice team. The interface is user-friendly and you can easily navigate through the game. 

Best Virtual Soccer Games


Today we see more soccer games than ever, it is due to the growing fan base of popular players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. They have taken the interest of players to the next level and this has caused huge demand in the market. The gaming industry is buzzing with new updates each day and soccer is not the odd one out. Each day the gaming calendar gets updated. 

Soccer might not be the master of the gaming industry but it is definitely among the best sports specifics. 


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