Best rated casinos in Florida

Best rated casinos in Florida
Not a Mickey Mouse Casino

Florida is a top-rated family tourist destination because of its gorgeous scenery. The weather is pleasant and there are numerous attractions to enjoy, including the food (citrus, seafood and key lime pie) and Disney World and Universal Studios. Beaches, theme parks, natural scenery and orange groves are all well-known in Florida. The Florida Everglades, which are located on the East Coast, are noted for their natural splendor. Because of its plentiful sunshine and relatively milder subtropical temperature, it is known as the Sunshine State.

Florida has everything a traveler, resident or a retiree may want in a destination. Its cities are known for their excellent infrastructure and vibrant cultural events, while its borders are known for their gorgeous beaches and scenery. However, what it won’t tell you on the brochure is that it has some excellent casinos. So, if you want to dabble in poker or play roulette, we give you the top places to visit.

Seminole Hard Rock Casino

Visitors to Tampa can enjoy a unique connection between the Hard Rock brand and the Seminole Tribe. The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is the product of the collaboration. After a long day and night of gambling, guests can relax in the casino’s magnificent hotel rooms. Of course, there are various bars and restaurants to pick from that align with the brand’s primary focus. The Hard Rock’s casino is a great showpiece. Gamblers can play games including Mississippi Stud, baccarat and Texas Hold’em at approximately 50 tables on the magnificent gaming floor.

If you’re not a fan of card games, the casino’s slot machines will appeal to you. The casino was expanded to accommodate over 100 new slot machines. However, after a hard night, I recommend that you make use of the fantastic rooms. Visitors can enjoy a full-service experience at the Rock Spa. You may get everything from a full barbershop to the most up-to-date spa therapy treatments. If you’re in Tampa and want to party like a rockstar, the Hard Rock meets the bill perfectly.

Victory Casino Cruises

Victory Casino Cruises hits the list for various reasons, but I’ll be honest with you. The top of the list is ingenuity. While gambling is outlawed in many parts of Florida, Victory has discovered and exploited a big loophole. Because the casino is 12 miles out to sea, it is no longer subject to federal or state laws. Maritime law takes precedence on board the ship, and gaming is considered fair. Victory Casino Cruises departs twice daily, seven days a week, for open-water experiences. The excursions last between five and six hours, and you may choose when you want to go.

Hialeah Park Racing & Casino

Hialeah Park, formerly known as the Miami Kennel Club, opened to the public in 1922 as one of South Florida’s most legendary gambling establishments. Back then, the location was mostly a greyhound racing track. The venue now features electronic roulette and blackjack and more than 800 slot machines, following a major overhaul. A poker area on the second level attracts players from all around the region to tournaments that are held regularly. Horses have taken the place of greyhounds at the venue, with year-round races are broadcast on screens in the Champions Sports Bar.

Seminole Casino – Brighton

The Seminole Casino in Brighton is one of the largest and most luxurious entertainment complexes ever constructed on Native American property. The Seminole tribe opened it in 1980, and it’s conveniently positioned for guests from Tampa and Orlando. More than 400 of the latest and best slot machines are distributed across 27,000 square feet of fun amongst the bright lights and fabulous guests.

On the other hand, the best action can be found on the main gaming floor, where scores are decided on the turn of a card in blackjack, Texas Hold’em and other poker variants until the early hours of the morning. Throughout the month, the casino offers various promotions, including prize draws, cash giveaways, a variety of free-play events and large selection of table games and regular bingo. Gamers can enjoy delicious food and drinks at the onsite bar and Josiah restaurant, which serves local cuisine and food from around the world.

Since the mid 20th-century, relaxation of the on-again, off-again gambling laws in Florida, the Sunshine State, has allowed gambling to thrive as a viable alternative to Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Visitors who come to Florida for the amusement parks and golf are surprised to discover that the state’s casinos offer a whole different experience. Florida isn’t known for its gambling, but north of the Everglades, there’s a respectable range of gaming floors, so gamblers can still win big without having to travel to Nevada or New Jersey. So, there you have it. There are many more reasons to visit Florida other than to see Mickey Mouse!


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