Bermuda’s Premier Meets Haitians In Bermuda At Camden

HAMILTON, Bermuda – Yesterday evening (Jan. 18), Premier Dr. Ewart Brown hosted a meeting at Camden for approximately 20 Haitians who are living in Bermuda. The session was an occasion to allow them to tell the Premier, firsthand, what their experience has been as a result of the earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, as well as a number of smaller towns. The meeting also was an opportunity for the Premier to talk with the Haitians – fact-to face – and express the support of the Government of Bermuda and the people of Bermuda. As Dr. Brown pointed out, Bermudians are known for their generosity. He added that, while Bermuda is a small country, he was sure that our assistance would be bigger than our size would predict.

The Haitian participants concluded that this tragedy provides them with an opportunity to help with the rebuilding of Haiti. The Premier observed that he appreciated that many of them were willing to help in restoring Haiti and pointed out that their help would be seen as genuine, since they could connect with their brothers and sisters as Haitians.

“The meeting was emotionally charged,” said the Premier. “The reception allowed many Haitians to meet for the first time.”

Haiti has a proud history, a highlight of which is that it is the first Caribbean nation to become independent through throwing off the shackles of slavery in a rebellion against France. Sometimes called Ayiti, Haiti also has a rich culture. The group decided that they would work together to create an event that would serve two purposes: a fund-raiser, and a stage to help people learn more about Haiti and its customs, food and history.

Ministers David Burch, Zane DeSilva and Michael Scott also attended.

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