Bermuda’s Council of Economic Advisors to meet this weekend

HAMILTON, Bermuda – Bermuda’s Premier Dr. Ewart F. Brown will convene the Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) this weekend to discuss a wide variety of economic issues facing Bermuda.

“The economy is in the forefront of people’s minds all over the world given the current climate. Bermuda is no different,” said Premier Brown. “The economic thinkers we are assembling this weekend will help ensure the Government takes the best steps to minimize the impact the world economic crisis has on the people of Bermuda and the Bermudian economy.”

Besides the discussions on the current economic climate, the CEA will also dissect the recently released Low Income Threshold Study in an effort to better assist those in need. They are also expected to weigh the economic benefits of social programs like free public transportation, free Bermuda College tuition and free day care.

“Our election promises were strong on social programs designed to give people a hand up. We have already executed part of that agenda,” said Premier Brown. “I don’t want us to take our eye off that target because some could face even greater economic hardship in light of current economic trends around the globe.”

Officials from the Government Department of Statistics and the Ministry of Finance will make presentations to the CEA.

Council participants include leaders from Bermuda and abroad in fields like labour, banking, personal investments and business. The Premier and Deputy Premier Paula Cox, who is also Minister of Finance, head the Council of Economic Advisors.

The weekend session will begin with a dinner meeting on Friday, October 17th, and end with a day-long session of roundtable discussions and presentations on Saturday, October 18th.

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