Benefits of Obtaining a Concealed Weapons Permit

Benefits of Obtaining a Concealed Weapons Permit
With the proper training, licensing, and protocols, you too can have the right to bear arms and explore the benefits of obtaining a concealed weapons permit.

Forty-one states in the United States have “shall-issue” laws when it comes to concealed gun permits. This means that permits can get issued as long as citizens meet certain basic requirements, including a background check and test. Twenty-four of these states recognize permits issued by any other state.

The nine “may issue” states will not recognize permits issued by other states. These states will issue a concealed weapons permit at the discretion of local police departments.

Why are concealed weapons permits important, and how can they benefit you? Let’s take a look.

  1. It Can Keep You Safe

The National Rifle Association reported that firearms get used over two million times each year for personal protection. In many cases, the mere presence of a firearm possessed by a law-abiding citizen will prevent the crime.

States vary in the way they issue permits. They may have different edibility criteria, background check extensiveness, eligibility monitoring, and law enforcement validation.

New York, for example, is a “may issue” state. You can only obtain a concealed carry permit if you already possess a New York pistol license. After you complete a handgun safety course, you will need four references, fingerprints, background checks, and the approval of a licensing judge or commissioner.

South Carolina is a “shall-issue” state where concealed carry is legal with a South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit. Paperwork and fingerprinting are necessary.

In Florida, you must be at least twenty-one years old and demonstrate competency with a firearm in order to be eligible for a concealed carry permit. You will then need to apply for one in person at a Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) regional office.

  1. You Will Learn To Use Your Weapon Properly

Some states require eight-hour classes before you can obtain your permit. These will inform you of the instances in your state when deadly force gets permitted. They will teach you what you need to know to keep yourself out of trouble if you need to use your weapon in self-defense.

One such state is North Carolina. The required courses cover handgun safety and shooting skills. You will also learn pistol safety, parts, operation, an introduction to shooting, and the care and cleaning of a handgun.

Courses may also include practice on a shooting range and defensive shooting. Folks will learn basic personal protection in a variety of conceal-carry scenarios.

  1. It Heightens Your Awareness

Possessing a concealed weapon can make you more aware of your surroundings. You will be more aware of any danger you might sense because you will be able to defend yourself.

If you are able to carry a concealed weapon, you will be able to defend yourself in an intruder enters your home. Check out Apex Tactical for great brands and accessories.

  1. It Gets Supported By Law Enforcement Officials

Research shows that 91% of law enforcement officials support the idea of concealed carry in their community. More than 86% of these felt that casualties could have gotten reduced or avoided in tragedies like Newton and Aurora if a legally-armed citizen was present.

More than 81% of these were in favor of arming and training teachers and administrators in schools if they are vetted and proficient. Three-quarters of them said that legally armed citizens were an important component in reducing crime.

Many former law enforcement officials believe that fear is the greatest deterrent when a sociopath is present. Many officials do not believe that a ban on assault weapons is the answer.

  1. It Can Protect You If You Get Stopped For a Traffic Violation 

Many people carry concealed weapons for protection on roadways. If you get pulled over by a police officer and asked if you are carrying a weapon, you should answer truthfully.

In unrestricted firearm states, the officer cannot take the gun from you. The presence of a firearm, however, can affect the stop because the officer is unaware of your criminal background.

It is important, therefore, to show your concealed weapon permit. This will show that you have undergone background checks, and are believed by the state to be a law-abiding citizen.

Consider giving your permit to the officer immediately along with your license if you get pulled over for a traffic violation. Some states require that you tell the officer immediately.

  1. It Gives You Extra Protection

Even if your firearm is legitimate, it can arouse suspicion if folks in your area know you have it. If people know you are carrying, they may call the police. Law enforcement is obligated to respond to the incident and begin to ask questions.

You will be fine as long as the law in your state allows for open carry. A concealed carry license, however, provides an extra layer of protection that will make law enforcement less likely to suspect you because you have a firearm.

  1. It Allows You To Carry In More Places

A concealed carry permit will allow you to carry in more public places. These places will depend on your state. Most states, however, will allow you to carry them in schools, courthouses, national parks, and restaurants.

In some states, a concealed carry permit allows you to bring your weapon into casinos and houses of worship. Sixteen states prohibit guns in establishments that serve alcohol.

In most states, concealed carry will allow you to carry your gun in an airport, but not on a plane. The majority of states will allow you to carry in hospitals and medical facilities. Only five states ban carrying in hospitals.

Most states allow concealed gun carry in national parks. They are also allowed in stores and malls, although privately-owned facilities are allowed to prohibit them. Check for your store’s policy before bringing a weapon.

Most states allow guns at sporting events, although most stadiums prohibit them.

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