Be healthy, wealthy and wise in 2010 (Part 5)

By Elaine Bryan

ATLANTA – It is great to aspire to be healthy wealthy and wise! Although this idea is easy, the difficulty is in the execution. Flair implemented and executed the ‘Virtual Weight loss Programme’. Our challenge to lose 25 pounds by May, attracted hundreds of readers to join the challenge. We all agree that good health and wealth are interconnected.

Meaningful Collaboration

Thanks to all the participants who joined the challenge, as we have proven the benefits of group support and empowerment. However, this could not be done without the support of the five doctors: Dr Edward Layne, (founder of My Preventive Health), Dr Melanye Maclin (medical expert on the Steve Harvey Show, Fox 5 DC TV and creator of Bella Nutri products); Dr Donovan Christie, (owner of Anwan Medical Centers); Dr Basil Kong, (president of the Heart Institute) and Dr Stacy McConkey of the Issa Foundation.

Effective tips

1. Practise ‘grazing’ – eating small snacks every two to three hours during the day.

2. Reduce your calories by using small serving plates rather than regular size plates.

3. Drink a glass of water every hour while at a dinner party, this will prevent you from overeating.

4. Do not sit at the computer or TV for more than two hours at a time.

5. Engage in physical activity daily.

6. Include nutritional supplements with natural herbs, vitamin and minerals as part of your diet.

7. Make good health your priority.

In these tough times we must focus on solutions not problems. This virtual programme was very effective as we followed the tips that were given, free of cost, by the medical doctors. Many educators, Flair readers, supportive friends and relatives came on-board and joined this health endeavour, ‘Be healthy, wealthy and wise in 2010’.

Personal progress and lesson learned

Group support is vital in the execution of most projects. If you are a member of an organisation, try the power of group support to achieve your weight-loss or maintenance goals. Remember: The What What Approach – What you do with what you have determines what you become.

Remember, no matter what you become or what you have, you can’t do it without support. After several weeks of making my health a priority and following the tips from the physicians, I was able to lose 25 pounds. Thanks for the support of my family, friends and colleagues.

Elaine Grant Bryan is an empowerment speaker, Georgia Leadership Sandy Springs alumni council member, recipient of the Mayor of Atlanta Phoenix and Judge Glenda Hatchett Service Awards & Real Estate expert featured on HGTV and Fine Living Channels. Send feedback/questions to [email protected]

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