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Bahamas and Czech Republic Forge Ties

NASSAU, Bahamas – Governor General His Excellency the Hon Arthur Hanna of The Bahamas welcomed the first Ambassador of the Czech Republic to The Bahamas, Vit Korselt, during ceremony at Government House on Tuesday, January 15, 2008.

The move signifies an important step in fostering diplomatic relations between both countries in waiver negotiations for the Schengen Visa, and in areas of tourism, business and financial services.

The Governor-General said, “This is of significance for The Bahamas given your country’s membership in two important institutions whose policies and practices directly impact The Bahamas directly, namely the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the European Union.”

“We, therefore, count on the Czech Republic to ensure the OECD’s regulation on financial services is fair, just and equitable for all,” he noted. “It is also our hope that the Czech Republic will play an important role in ensuring that European Union Catalytic investment in The Bahamas is sustained, indeed increased and the transfer of advanced management skills and new technologies, emphasised.”

The Governor-General also pointed out that the Foreign Service experience of Ambassador Vit Korselt, 46, augurs well for the expansion of relations between both countries.

“Your country’s support for a successful completion of the waiver negotiations for the Schengen Visa for The Bahamas would be of special importance for The Bahamas,” he said. “We have taken note of your government’s sensitivity to your business community’s special interest in partnerships in the areas of tourism and investment with The Bahamas.”

His Excellency Vit Korselt, Ambassador Designate of the Czech Republic, left, and Governor General His Excellency Arthur D. Hanna at Government House
(BIS Photo/Tim Aylen)

The Governor-General told Ambassador Korselt that The Bahamas is pleased by his intention to explore all possibilities to improve economic business and trade relations in a mutually beneficial way, during his tenure.

Ambassador Korselt said he was honoured to be the first Ambassador of the Czech Republic to The Bahamas, adding that his government is desirous of strengthening and expanding relations between both countries.

“The significance of your country is that it is a regional leader, not only in tourism but other areas as well,” he noted.

Ambassador Korselt also serves as Chief of Mission at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Cuba. He is married and has two children.

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