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Attorney for Miya Marcano’s Family Questions Sheriff’s Investigation

Miya Marcano

Miya Marcano

Miya Marcano

Miya Marcano

[ORLANDO]  – The family of Miya Marcano are in the process of finalizing funeral arrangements and will be releasing those details later today.

Tenant Complaint Submissions

Attorney Washington is urging any tenants that reside at the Arden Villas or any surrounding apartment complex who had any encounters with Armando Caballero to submit their complaints and unrectified issues to or contact his law office at (214) 880-4883.

Response to OCSO’s Press Conference

In response to the press conference conducted by the Orange County Sheriff Mina, Attorney Washington, believes “it was shameful to say that no matter what they did or didn’t do, that Miya was dead anyway. That statement is the equivalent of saying “prisons should not incarcerate murders because the sentencing still won’t bring the dead back to life anyways.” This in no way excuses the deputies from doing a job they are paid to do. The statement that deputies can’t detain people based on a “hunch” was totally insulting, as this family provided more than enough evidence including a video of Caballero carrying Miya’s blanket in his apartment.

In addition, Sheriff Mina indicated via press conference that Miya’s room was “clean”, however that same responding deputy informed Miya’s mother that the room looked “disturbing” and that she should start the process to list Miya as a missing person.

Finally, if Miya was listed as a missing person, why didn’t the deputies immediately make Miya’s room a crime scene, start viewing cameras and pulling the key FOB records immediately? We believe this process should’ve started even before the family arrived at 3 a.m. The sheriff’s timeline shows Miya was listed as a missing person at 1:36 a.m. That is even more reasons why more action should have been taken while Caballero was within arm’s reach of the deputy.

We hope that the Orange County Sheriff’s Office will use this moment as an opportunity to learn from the mistakes that were made as opposed to defending actions that are indefensible.


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